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Try this Machine Learning Quiz to check how updated you are in the tech world. Go on and happy quizzing!! πŸ™‚


1. PCA is an algorithm whose behavior can be completely predicted from the input. In computer science, such algorithms which, given a particular input, will always produce the same output, with the underlying machine always passing through the same sequence of states are popularly known as ___________.

Answer – Deterministic Algorithm


2. In Association rules, what is a collection of one or more items known as?

Answer – an itemset


3. X correlation between two variables is zero but, still, their values can still be related to each other. Identify the X.

Answer – Pearson


4. Good clustering will produce clusters with low_______ similarity and high ______ similarity. Fill in the blanks.

Answer – inter-class, intra-class


5. Which property of support states that the support of an itemset is always less, or sometimes less than that of its subsets?

Answer – The anti-monotone property


6. In which clustering method in which every object belongs to every cluster with a membership weight that goes between 0 (if it absolutely doesn’t belong to the cluster) and 1(if it absolutely belongs to the cluster)?

Answer – Fuzzy Clustering

7. The confidence of an association rule is the __________ of the rule.

Answer – Predictive Power


8. In machine learning, when a statistical model describes random error or noise instead of an underlying relationship ______ occurs. Fill in the blank.

Answer – overfitting


9. It is an iterative algorithm that tries to partition the dataset into K pre-defined distinct non-overlapping subgroups (clusters) where each data point belongs to only one group. It is one of the simplest unsupervised learning algorithms that solve the well-known clustering problem. This clustering only works with numeric data. Which clustering has been discussed here?

Answer – K means clustering


10. The increased likelihood that a rule occurs in a dataset relative to its typical rate of occurrence is known as lift. True or False?

Answer – True



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