TCS IT Wiz 2015 Pune Prelims

Hi friends , here we are presenting the TCS IT Wiz 2015 Pune  prelims .Questions provided by Vrushabh Gudade , a First Year student at The College Of Engineering,Pune.

1. It is an app for a famous public campaign in India . Which app ?

Ans:Swach Bharat Abhiyaan
2.Which simple word first used on 29th July 1985 by Apple for programming tools was named 2010’s Word Of The Year by American Dialect Society?
3.The name of which company co-founded by George Canova was suggested by his wife as she mistakenly thought this word meant “New” in French?
4.Chief architect Mark Reinhold tweets “Readability, Simplicity, Universality & Compatibility. The keys to ____’s strong history & bright future.” On the 20th anniversary by James Gosling, his creation which he wanted to call to call Oak?
5. They make wearable devices for kids. Which company?
Ans:Walt Disney
6.The patent of what reads as follows “A system that provides a periodically changing storyline & or a special event company logo to entice users to access a web page.”?

7.Arnold Schwarzenegger at the meet of which motor company’s major announcement of Headquarter change.[Hint: The name contains ‘Motors’ in its name] * Its not the exact image

Ans:Tesla Motors
8.United States Air Force Research Laboratory made the Condor Cluster, a supercomputer made entirely if what unusual raw material?[Hint: A gaming device]
Ans:Playstation Portable
9.Identify the country where this service is used

10.Holding a rank equivalent to an Indian Cabinet Minister who is the advisor to The Prime Minister Of India, a member of the National Council on Skill Development & also the Chairman of Bombay Stock Exchange.
Ans:S Ramadorai
11.Who has been called the “Father Of WiFi” because he chaired the IEEE committee which created the 802.11 standard in 1997?
Ans:Vic Hayes

12.Reed Hastings borrowed this book and was later fined for a later return, what

13.Which is the world’s first completely open video game console which was an idea of Julie Uhrman & designed by Yves Behar?[Hint:4 letter answer]
14.Company started by Goro Yoshida & his brother in law Saburo Uchida as Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory in Japan had a logo of Buddhist Bodhisatva.
15.Identify the messaging app endorsed by Katrina Kaif stared during Japan’s Tohoku Earthquake

16.In 2011, which iconic technology behemoth celebrated its centenary with the book titled ‘Making the World Work Better – The Ideas that shaped a century & a company’
17. Bill Gates wrote his first program for which paper & pencil game popular amongst the students?
Ans:Tic Tac Toe
18.Steve Wozniak at Xiaomi conference sitting with whom?

Ans:Lei Jun
19.What from the world of Microsoft ?

Ans:MS Surface
20.Which award ?

Ans:Shorty Awards



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