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1. Fog computing is a term for extending cloud computing to the edge of an enterprise’s network. Also known as fogging. Which American multinational networking technology conglomerate created the term Fog computing?


2.X is a location technology, devices used in IoT. It is a small wireless device that continuously transmit a simple radio signal, which can be picked up by nearby smartphones using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and triggers an action with X compatible mobile app. Within few years it will become a popular technology used by retailers all over the world.  What is X?


3. This project is a Chan Zuckerberg initiative,  involving a team of scientists  and engineers from stanford, UCSF,  Berkeley.
Dr. Cori Bargman a world-renowned expert in Neuroscience and genetics, recently joined to lead the entire project. What?

Ans: BioHub

4. “If I become President,  oh,  do they have problems.” Which American multinational corporation/person was Donald Trump referring here while making this statement?

Ans: Amazon

5. “I have always liked him,  he was always positive. But karma is a bitch.” Former CEO Rahul Yadav made these statement on the occasion of Nikesh Aurora’s exit from X. X is a Japanese telecommunication/internet corporation,  pretty famous among indian startup segment, because they have already made huge investment in the sector,  including $627mn in Snapdeal and $210mn in Ola.  Id X?

Ans: SoftBank

6. Zen tech is a modern name used for a lifestyle habit among millenials. It is the popular use of app and mobile technology in which activity to ensure sound mental health?

Ans: Mediation

7.Identify this Building


Ans: Ecuadorean Embassy

8.Blue brain is a Swiss national project, an attempt to reverse engineer the human brain and to recreate it at the cellular level inside a computer simulation. Its simulations are carried out on a supercomputer Blue Gene. Which tech giant created Blue Gene?

Ans: IBM

9. On Nov 11, 2016 Alibaba marked planet’s biggest online shopping event with a record GMV $14.69bn. Actually this date 11-11 is celebrated as an entertaining festival widespread among young Chinese people. Name the festival/day?

Ans: Single’s Day

10. “The first time I met X, I was working at Patni Computer Systems as head of the Software Group.
He took me to Willington Club in Mumbai for a discussion. He was very courteous and very easy to transact with. Apparently, I did not come up to his satisfaction and I did not get the job. I am grateful to X that he rejected me, else my founding of Y would have been delayed by a few years.”
Who said about whom?(Y is an Indian MNC)

Ans: Azim Premji Narayana Murthi

11. This is a popular lifestyle trend among millenials, who typically wear computers in order to capture their entire lives, or large portions of their lives to track their own daily behavior. What do we call such individuals? Or simply what do you call a person who track his/her daily life and post every moment online?

Ans: Lifelogger

12. What do we call the technology of adding the sensation of touch and feeling to computers. A word derives from the Greek haptein meaning “to fasten.”?

Ans: Haptic

13. SixthSense is a gesture-based wearable computer system developed at MIT Media Lab by Steve Mann in 1994. It was further developed by an Indian inventor, who currently works as the Global Vice President of Research at Samsung. Identify the personality.

Ans: Pranav Mistry

14. Blockchain/Blockchain technology is a database to record transactions through a shared public ledger to maintain growing list of records. In future government may use this technology to collect public taxes. It was in 2009, this technology implemented as a core component of X.  What?

Ans: Bitcoin

15. As part of their Global interconnectivity mission, Facebook uses LiDAR technology in urban areas. But their plan for suburban region is a solar powered project,  which is named after the latin term for eagle.  What?


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