TCS Rural IT Quiz Nagpur 2014 Prelims

Hi Friends here we are presenting the TCS Rural IT Quiz Nagpur 2014 Prelims Questions.We have our sincere thanks and wishes to Dakshak Nagrale , winner of TCS Rural IT Quiz Nagpur 2014  for providing us the questions.

1.Kindle : Amazon :: Pi 😕
2.WeRead, Mime360,, etc. are acquisitions by whom?
3.Identify this game

Ans:Bomb Gaza
4.Identify her and the company associated

Ans:Ursula Burns ,Xerox
5.Garret camp is associated to what ?
Ans:Uber ( Well , he is associated to Stumbleupon too)
6.Identify this mascot [hint:Little Rice]

7.Windows+Lumia . What ?
8.It was going to be named as “Lotatron”,”semi conductor diode:, “crystal diode”, but it was named something else by John Pierce. What are we talking about?
9.Expand ENIAC
Ans:Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer
10.Which D2H provider broadcasts it’s signals using MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 digital compression technology, transmitting using INSAT 4A satellite at 83 degree east?
11.Which Microsoft executive resigned recently ?
Ans:Steve Ballmer
12.Yahoo has partnered with which company to help Yahoo mail users to attach files easily and quickly?
13.Identify the advertiser

14.Which version of Android is this ?

Ans:Android Kitkat (4.4)
15.He is a technology innovator and entrepreneur, credited with creating the first camera phone solution sharing pictures instantly on public networks.Who is he ?
Ans:Philippe Kahn
16.Which programming language was called Project Green?
17.Which internet giant now owns Oculus Rift ?
18.Creator of this famous OS wanted to name it as “Freax”. What OS are we talking about?
19.“Connect with your friend” .On which site’s homepage  you find this?
20.Identify this logo


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