TCS IT Wiz 2013 Nagpur Prelims

Hi Friends here we are presenting the TCS IT Wiz 2013 Nagpur Prelims Questions.We have our sincere thanks and wishes to Shouvik Dey, winner of TCS IT Wiz 2013 Nagpur who  provided us the questions.

1.Which company was founded by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka?
2.Which company was formed when the founder of the company was forced to pay $40 inoverdue fines after returning Apollo 13 well past its due date?
3.Identify this lady

Ans:Grace Murray Hopper
4.Identify this person

Ans:Pete Cashmore
5.Yammer was acquired by which company in 2012 ?
6.Identify this app

7.Identify the logo

Ans:Google Earth
8.Identify this app

Ans:Talking Tom
9.Which educational institute was founded by Vijay K Thandani and Rajendra S Pawar?
10.It was originally created by Phil Katz in 1989 and was first implemented in PKWARE.Identify.
Ans: .zip
11.X is the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributionsfrom a large group of people, and especially from an online community, rather than fromtraditional employees or suppliers. Even Wikipedia was also described as X mistakenly. DellIdeamstorm is one of the example for X. Identify?
12.Expand YAHOO
Ans:Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle
13.Meg Whitman is the Present CEO of which famous compay?
14.What does ILM stands for ?
Ans:Information Lifecycle Management
15.It is a term that is used to identify the use and collection of computer hardware andsoftware that was used in days gone by. While much of this type of collecting involvessystems and software that was produced since the advent of the personal computer.Identify?
16.This is the old logo of ?

17.It is a web browser developed by Apple Inc. and included with the Mac OS X and iOSoperating systems. Identify?
18.It is a brand of e-reader developed by American book retailer Barnes & Noble. Identify?
19.It was initially called Oak. it went by the name Green later, and was later renamed what?
20.Who created the game Angry Birds ?

Cutoff : 18