Latest Information Technology Quiz Questions for TCS IT Wiz 2017


TCS IT Wiz 2017 IT Quiz Questions and answers

1.Expand MLAPI ?

Ans:MultiLingual Application Programming Interface

2. Bruce Bastian and Dr. Alan Ashton started this company as Satellite Software International. It released a word processor with name X. Later the company’s name was changed of X corp. It succeeded in giving a firm competition to Word Star. Later it had developed competition to Word Star. Later it had developed compatibility problems with windows, so lost it charm. For Ex: Alt+F4 meant bold text in X but it meant closing the application in windows. It was later purchased by Novell in June 1994 and later fell into hands of Corel in January 1996. ID X.

Ans:Word Perfect

3.Who Developed “Graffiti”, the hand-writing recognition system?(Any One)

Ans: Jeff Hwakins

4.Who is known as the father of Indian software Industry ?

Ans: F.C. Kohli

5.Father of RFID

Ans:Charles walton

6.Micromikko range of PC’s were once manufactured by this company Eventually they sold their PC selection to Fujitsu in 1980’s- ID the company.


7.Who quoted “I Would Trade all my technology for an afternoon with Socrates” ?

Ans:Steve Jobs  | TCS IT Wiz 2017

8.This technology started as cable replacement technology. Beside other uses, it also used to power door bells. It has been named after a Viking King. What is it?


9.The Graphics Processor for Playstation 3 is codenamed?


10.French engineer Pierre Azaria set up the Compagnie Générale d’Electricité (CGE) with the aim of taking on the likes of AEG, Siemens and General Electric. In 1966, an absorption was done by CGE of the “Société Alsacienne de Constructions Atomiques, de Télécommunications et d’Electronique.” How do we know this company today as?


11.The first one was in June 2004 when it was discovered that a company called Ojam had it in their mobile phone game Mosquito. In July 2004, Cabir, kick started the trend. What?

Ans:Mobile Viruses    | TCS IT Wiz 2017

12.This was Asia’s fastest Supercomputer when it was developed. It was developed by CRL with the technnical assistance from HP. Which is the Supercomputer described here ?

Ans: Eka

13.Its codename was ‘Project PX’ when it was developed.Its was development started in 1943 and finished on 1946 . What is this ?

Ans: ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator)

14.Name the movie that illustrates the difficulties faced by Netscape engineers while open sourcing the Netscape Navigator code under GNU licence?

Ans:Code Rush

15.Who said the below quote: ” People keep asking me about the Y2K problem. Let me tell you something, O2K(Office 2000) and W2K (Windows 2000) will be far great disasters than Y2K”   | TCS IT Wiz 2017

Ans: Scott McNealy (SUN MicroSystems)

16. The interface of which software bears a similarity to a programme described in Neal Stephenson’s Sci-fi work “Snow Crash”?

Ans:Google Earth

17.This utility was named after a submariner’s term for a sonar pulse that would typically help find objects around. In a network context it performs a similar function. Which tool?


18.”In your otherwise beautiful poem, one verse reads, ‘Every moment dies a man, Every moment one is born.’ … If this were true, the population of the world would be at a standstill. In truth, the rate of birth is slightly in excess of that of death. I would suggest [that the next version of your poem should read]: ‘Every moment dies a man, Every moment 1 1/16 is born.’ Strictly speaking, the actual figure is so long I cannot get it into a line, but I believe the figure 1 1/16 will be sufficiently accurate for poetry.” Who said this to Alfred Tennyson, in response to his poem The Vision of Sin?

Ans:Charles Babbage

TCS IT Wiz 2017

19.An X is a merchant service provided by an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes credit card or direct payments processing for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and mortar.

Ans:Payment Gateway

20.X is the internetworking of physical devices, vehicles (also referred to as “connected devices” and “smart devices”), buildings, and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data.In 2013 the Global Standards Initiative on X defined the X as “the infrastructure of the information society.”.What is X ?

Ans:Internet of Things (IoT)

21.Developed by 25 year old college graduate Jordan Mechner who created the story, characters and levels this game took four years to make. His father composed the music and he videotaped his brother’s motions in order to make the animation realistic. Initially produced on Apple II, it later made almost all platforms. What? [Hint: The game had to be completed in 60 minutes and cheat Codes are “Megahit”]

Ans:POP   | TCS IT Wiz 2017

22.As a teenager he was fascinated by physics . He planned to do an undergraduate course in physics in Delhi university. He was dissuaded by his brother who said “If you complete a Ph.D in Physics you would end up selling bananas. You should instead do engineering-specifically electrical engineering- a subject that is growing more and more important by the day”. who?

Ans:Vinod Dham

23. X is One word at Wikipedia for articles that is too short to provide more than rudimentary information about a subject. What’s X?


24.What is the full form of WWWW ?

Ans:World Wide Web Worm

25.In 1995, X and his brother, Kimbal, started Zip2, a web software company, with US$28,000 of their father’s money.The company developed and marketed an Internet “city guide” for the newspaper publishing industry.X wanted to become CEO of the company; however, none of the board members would allow it.Compaq acquired Zip2 for US$307 million in cash and US$34 million in stock options in February 1999.Who is X ?

Ans:Elon Musk

26.In 2006 he joined the Founders Fund, a venture capital firm based in San Francisco as managing partner. In November 2002 he launched plaxo an online address book and social networking service that integrated with Microsoft Outlook.Who is he ?

Ans: Sean Parker

27.When a respected typographer criticised the Times for being badly printed and typographically antiquated , this was commissioned in 1931.What ?

Ans:Times New Roman

28.What is the biggest contribution of Dr Paul Mockapetris to the world of Internet?

Ans:He devised the Domain Name System (DNS) and together with Jon Postel, is acknowledged as the inventor of DNS.

29.What are `favatars’?

Ans:Application of favicons as weblog avatars.

30.Whose cloud-based streaming service is called “Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity”?



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