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TCS IT Wiz is a knowledge initiative started by Tata Consultancy Services in 1999, it is the biggest inter-school IT Quiz in India for students from class 8 to 12. The quiz aims to build awareness, emphasize the importance of IT skills and enable students to look at technology from an innovative perspective. TCS IT WIZ has brought a massive shift in the world of quizzing. The quiz works as an alternative learning tool for students in an outside classroom environment. This is the sixteenth quarter-final of TCS IT WIZ 2020, India’s biggest and toughest technology quiz for schools consisting of 3 techies from the Delhi region.

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First Round: Digital Readiness ( Tech Quiz )

“To test the knowledge of modern era technical giant”.


What’s the internet equivalent for this?

Ans. Unique users 


This is a phenomenal experiment created or conceived by Leon Thurman. He invented a listening device called ‘The thing’. What is this in the world of communication?

Ans. NFC (Near Field Communication) 


This man’s name is Bruce Artwick, way back in 1977 he had a company called Sublogic. He created something that is used even today. What is it?

Ans. First flight simulator 


What is it?

Ans. X – John Tukey, Y – Bit 


This is a great gentleman from the world of films to entertainment to technology. Who is he?

Ans. George Lucas 

Second Round: Borderless Learning 

“To democratize the technical learning in today’s seamless world”.


Who is the pay post?

Ans. The people who are hired and paid to post something on any company’s website 


This is one of the early devices, now famous in the world of computing. It was then called an interface message processor developed by the ARPANET. How do we know this?

Ans. Router 


A very essential feature in IT which is considered to be modern was actually created by these gentlemen. They worked on a particular optical technology to provide the world with this. What optical idea did they give the world?

Ans. Optical fibre 


What great moment of history is this creation?

Ans. Raspberry pi 


The laser evolved from this, what was this called?


Third Round : @TCS ( Tech Quiz )

“Unfolding awareness about TCS budding business and absolute history”. 

1. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia became the first to house a center by TCS which was an extremely unique innovation by TCS, in sense of the way in which that center was staffed. What was so special about the staffing of this center?

Ans. It was an all-women staff 

2. It’s a very famous German airline which is always been powered by TCS. This airline has always been the official carrier of the German soccer team. Name the airlines.

Ans. Lufthansa 

3. TCS entered into a strategic alliance with a company to help them digitally reimagine themselves. The company’s history would have you find Thomas Elva Edison among its founders. Which great giant in the world is this?

Ans. General Electric 

4. TCS assigned a partnership with GFI Informatique SA to accelerate a program in France, which is also known as the SC empowerment plan. What is SC?

Ans. Smart City 

Fourth Round: Analytics and Insights 

“Many images are shown and the analysis and insights of techies on technical giant are seen”. 


Name the company.

Ans. Facebook 


What is this device?

Ans. Kindle 


What is this leading to?

Ans. WikiLeaks 


Name the person.

Ans. Sheryl Sandberg 

Final Round: Multi Experience

“Scrutinising the knowledge of technical giants in much wide level”. 

1. What in the WWW of content that is not part of the surface web, while indexed by standard search engines typically called?

Ans. Deep web 

2. Which Austrian-born Hollywood actress co-invented frequency hopping?

Ans. Hedy Lamarr 

3. The American version of something differs from the international one in 11 letters, in all numerals except the numeral 4, and in the punctuation sign. Which code is this?

Ans. Morse code 

4. It is an intentional hidden message, a joke, or a feature. What is it?

Ans. Easter Eggs 

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