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A knowledge initiative started by Tata Consultancy Services in 1999, it is the biggest interschool IT Quiz in India for students from class 8 to 12. The quiz aims to build awareness, emphasize the importance of IT skills and enable students to look at technology from innovative perspective. TCS IT WIZ has brought a massive shift in the world of quizzing. This quiz works as an alternative learning tool for students in an outside classroom environment. This is the fifth quarter final of TCS IT WIZ 2020, India’s biggest and toughest technology quiz for schools consisting of 4 techies from the Karnataka region.

First Round : Digital Readiness

“To test the knowledge of modern era technical giant”.


It is a book which speaks about the life of a person called Paul Galvin. He is the man behind a famous company. What is the name of the company?

Ans. Motorola


These are called ESRB, what do they do as a body?

Ans. Classifies whether a particular program is for children below 8 years, or children below 12 years, or for adults 


What is this?

Ans. Google goggles


This is a phone called Simon. What is it?

Ans. World’s first smartphone launched by IBM


This is a famous diagram that was created by a man named Metcalfe. What did Robert Metcalfe give the world?

Ans. First ever ethernet diagram

Second Round : Borderless Learning

“To democratise the technical learning in today’s seamless world”.


This company is the parent company of an app which is very popular in today’s world. Name the app

Ans. Twitter


Art of compiling statistics was a very important diagrammatic representation. A patent back in 1889, a famous person led to the creation of a famous company as well

Ans. Herman Hollerith


Named after a great person, it is a picture of a quiz competition where a computer beats human beings. What was the name of the computer?

Ans. IBM Watson


Who is the author of this book?

Ans. Bill Gates 


Known as the 101 Epson, why was it called as “Epson”?

Ans. Because it was son of another Epson which was EP 100 

Third Round : @TCS

“Unfolding awareness about TCS budding business and absolute history”.

1. This is considered to be the world’s first neural automation systems. It integrates AI and TCS has been one of the pioneers in creating this. What is the description all about – Quartz, Banks, or Ignio?

Ans. Ignio

2. Tata Consultancy Services became the technology partner of a marathon that has been around since 1981. Where did the marathon took place?

Ans. London 

3. VIPPS is appeared to pure mobile payment application that was created by TCS for DNB, a large financial services group in a European country. Which country is it – Netherlands or Norway?

Ans. Norway

4. For the entrance exam to the IIMs, the selection process is completed by which TCS company?

Ans. TCS iON 

Fourth Round : Analytics and Insights

“Many images are shown and the analysis and insights of techies on technical giant are seen”.


What is the overall answer for these?

Ans. eBay 


It is a transport that was originally called Ginger, created by this man

Ans. Hoverboards


That is a great scientist and a man who created a program on the name of this scientist

Ans. Pascal


What is the name of the country?

Ans. Finland

Final Round : Multi Experience

“Scrutinising the knowledge of technical giants in much wide level”.

1. Ralph Bauer is the man who is credited with creating this for entertainment purposes. Prior to this, it was actually created for aviation where pilots would use this extensively. What is this?

Ans. Joystick 

2. Andrew Fluegelman coined this term when he wanted to sell a communication program called PC Talk. He created it but did not really understood on how to really price it, so he decided to price this software in a different manner, therefore a term got coined. What was this term?

Ans. Freeware 

3. In 1987, this was created and one of the name that was given was image pro and another name given by knols was display. Today, the world of design knows it very differently, what is it?

Ans. Adobe Photoshop

4. An American computer engineer, an entrepreneur named Paul Buchheit created this service

Ans. Gmail

Tie – breakers

1. This large organisation has an annual meet of all their people called Sapphire. Which top IT company would you associate with Sapphire?

Ans. SAP

2. It was a supercomputer called EKA, it made India proud as the Sanskrit word was used to describe this computer. Which company in India was behind this supercomputer?

Ans. Tata











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