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A knowledge initiative started by Tata Consultancy Services in 1999, it is the biggest interschool IT Quiz in India for students from class 8 to 12. The quiz aims to build awareness, emphasize the importance of IT skills and enable students to look at technology from innovative perspective. TCS IT WIZ has brought a massive shift in the world of quizzing. The quiz works as an alternative learning tool for students in an outside classroom environment. This is the eighth quarter final of TCS IT WIZ 2020, India’s biggest and toughest technology quiz for schools consisting of 4 techies from the Eastern region.

First Round : Digital Readiness

“To test the knowledge of modern era technical giant”.


What is Y Combinator?

Ans. It gives funds to various companies


Which sports entity of great repute will you find online with this logo?

Ans. Wisden


What did he start out of his love for movies, which later became part of huge conglomerates?

Ans. IMDB Database 


Which award is this?

Ans. Webby Awards 


Who is she?

Ans. Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook

Second Round : Borderless Learning

“To democratise the technical learning in today’s seamless world”.


It is a Museum that captures a particular company’s creations. What is the name of the Museum?

Ans. Namco Museum


What does this represents as an emoji?

Ans. No piracy


Identify this personality

Ans. Harry Potter


Known as ‘Pepper’, what is this object?

Ans. Artificial Intelligence Robot 


These were four famous brothers. How does the world know them?

Ans. Warner Brothers 

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Third Round : @TCS

“Unfolding awareness about TCS budding business and absolute history”.

1. TCS collaborated with this IT major to develop a portfolio for IoT solutions for smart cities. This company was initially known as “More Noise”. Which company are we talking about?

Ans. Intel 

2. Tata Consultancy Services has partnered with a youth development organization of America to inspire the youth on hands – on digital and computer technology. This organisation essentially tells you to be prepared for life. Which youth organisation is this?

Ans. The Scouts foundation

3. Koperasi Tentera is a very important company that works on TCS Banks, it transformed itself using the Bank’s platform. From which of these countries is Koperasi Tentera – Indonesia or Malaysia?

Ans. Malaysia

4. The Network Function Virtualization Concerto from TCS is essentially a platform which enables LTE. What is LTE?

Ans. Long Term Evolution

Fourth Round : Analytics and Insights

“Many images are shown and the analysis and insights of techies on technical giant are seen”.

1. What is the connection between them?

Ans. Amazon 


What is the overall answer for these?

Ans. Github


Sunrise is the translation of the company name in Japanese. The person is an electrical engineer who started this great enterprise. Name the company

Ans. Hitachi


What is the overall connection?

Ans. Blackberry Company

Final Round : Multi Experience

“Scrutinising the knowledge of technical giants in much wide level”.

1. FIFA had banned a particular company’s headphones at match, worn by a lot of players, for the simple reason that Sony was the Word Cup sponser. Which audio brand was banned by FIFA?

Ans. Beats Audio 

2. Known as the Luxoball, it makes an appearance in almost all the movies. From which animation studio is this Luxoball?

Ans. Pixar by Edward Catmur

3. Started in Norway, and originally known as telegraph ket, how do we know this telecom company?

Ans. Uninor 

4. He is a Serbian inventor who wanted to encode stock markets and telegrams. Who is he?

Ans. Nikola Tesla 



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