TCS IT WIZ 2020 Quater-Final 1 : Technical Giant Questions-Answers


Hey, Technical quizzers! TCS IT Wiz 2020 is already flooding with tons of techie questions to explore and examine every nook and cranny of budding minds in fields of the greatest technical giant. Best 64 geeks took part in different quarter-final phase, facing 20 mind-boggling technology-related problems in 5 stiff challenges. First Quater-Final took place between Four talented techies from Banglore. So quizzes, Hold your buzzers to give manifesting answers to the brain twisters given below from TCS IT Wiz 2020 Quater Final

               #First Round:- Technical Readiness 

          “To test the knowledge of modern era technical Giant

1. “I think there is a world market for about five computers” is a famous statement by the gentleman shown in the picture. He is a great icon from the world of computers, went on to create a famous company. Which technical Giant are we talking about?


Answer- Thomas J. Watson, IBM (International Business Machines).

2. This is the famous architecture here called the Mark architecture, it is named after which university?

Answer- Harvard University

3. Who is seen here on the left side with Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam? A famous man of the IT world in India, He also headed the discovery channel for some time. A great man of science. He also headed India’s NASSCOM.



Answer- Dr. Kiran Karnik. (The above photo is of the moment when he arrived as chief guest in TCS IT Wiz)

4.Known as seafront towers. These are the headquarters of which Chinese giant? It is a huge investment entity technically speaking which owns a lot of the Chinese company that keeps making noise.

Answer- Tencent.

5. It’s a RIP that was put by a great person who releases the rap single and the user name that he used was emoji records.Which great entrepreneur is behind Harambe. He is an entrepreneur, technical specialist.


Answer- Elon Musk.

               #Second Round:- Borderless Learning

          “To democratize the technical learning in today’s seamless world”

6.Identify this company from its old logo.


Answer- AT&T Bell Laboratories.

7.This is a part of which giant in the world of modern entertainment.

Red Envelope Entertainment
Red Envelope Entertainment

Answer- Netflix.

8. This company is a technical giant. They are mainly responsible for producing for which another technical giant. It is a technical back-end manufacturer for which iconic giant in the world. They are from Taiwan.


Answer- Apple Phones.

9. These are all Pokemon coins. Which country’s currency is this with a lot of digital enablement as well? It is an island nation close to New Zealand.

pokemon money currency

 Answer- Niue.

10. How do we know this in India though currently it is banned in India? In China, this technical application is known as Douyin.

Answer- Tik-Tok.

#Third Round- @TCS

“Unfolding awareness about TCS budding Business and absolute history”.

 11.I was the first-ever CEO of TCS.who am I?

Answer- Fakir Chand Kohli.

12. I am a train that goes to Bangladesh from India. Who am I?

 Answer– Maitree express. ( Thinking how is it even related to TCS? Here: Maitree is the name of the employee engagement.)

13. What is the name of the core banking solutions from Tata Consultancy services, It is being one of the biggest strength of the TCS for many years.
Answer- TCS BaNCS.
14. It has established in 1887, Now well completed for 225 years. The ___ athletic association is not for profit organization. They manage athletic events. TCS is one of its important partners, it is one of the oldest marathons with whom TCS associates. Which city in the world you would be in if you are at the ___ athletic association from the United States.
Answer– The Boston Marathon.

#Fourth Round- Analytics and Insights of technical giants

“Many images are shown and the analysis and insights of techies on technical giants are seen”
15. Which Specific company acquires these, Later this company acquiring them itself got acquired by Microsoft.
Answer– LinkedIn.
16. Piggybank is part of a website which is called a red brigade in the food business, clearly with an internet connection.
Answer- Zomato.
17. The image shown is a tribute to which Foundation.

Answer- Wiki Foundation.
18. Thomas knoll and John knoll, they initially call it to display. How does the world know it today, Designers loves it?
Answer- Adobe Photoshop.

#Fifth Round:- Multi Experience

” Scrutinising the knowledge of Technical Giants in much wide level.”
19. Identify the famous author and thinker to shockwave Rider, Science-Adventure, Fanatic Universe.
science adventure
Answer- John Bruner.
20. Which brand created the Hero 9 and Hero 8 black, it is a technical Giant as well.

Hero9 black & Hero8 black

Answer- GoPro.

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