[pdf] TCS IT Wiz Coimbatore 2016 Questions and answers

Hello Everyone, here we have the final set of questions and answers of TCS IT Wiz 2016, Coimbatore edition. Hope you all had read the Prelims conducted for this questions, if you haven’t seen the prelims of this quiz, you can find it here, and also at the end of this page,

TCS IT Wiz Coimbatore 2016 Prelilms Questions and answers

ROUND 1 of TCS IT Wiz Coimbatore 2016

  1. A device sending message to another device to indicate that it wants to establish a communications channel.

Ans: handshaking

  1. Term coined by Andrew fluegelman in 1982.

Ans: freeware

  1. Thomas, a phd student at the university of Michigan, began writing a program on his macintosh to display greyscale images on a monochrome display. What did he create?

Ans: photoshop

  1. In the late 1978, apple corps sued apple macintosh for trademark infringement of their brand. Who owned apple corps?

Ans: Beatles

  1. When the GUI was introduced , drag and drop was unfamiliar to a no. of people who were accustomed to command line input. To help them which popular app was introduced?

Ans: solitaire

  1. The name translates to ‘with ears’ in Russian. A rabbit is seen wearing this hat which also had a red star, but was removed as it didn’t want to be associated with communism. Where have we seen this rabbit?

Ans: Xiaomi

ROUND 2 of TCS IT Wiz Coimbatore 2016

  1. Identifytcs it wiz questionsAns: Ben Silberman (pinterest)
  2. identify

Ans: Chan Zuckerberg initiative

3.What is this philosophy?

Ans: 6 degrees of separation


4.Movie based on whom?

Ans: Edward snowden


Ans: marco polo app


6.Which online award?

Ans: Steamy Awards


  1. tcs signed with gfi informatics to build smart cities in france
  2. which recently appointed member of rbi board is an alumnus of Coimbatore institute of technology?

Ans: N. chandrashekharan

  1. tcs has entered an alliance with general electric
  2. tcs partnered with SMU


  1. Cisco



4.project xanadu  | TCS IT Wiz Coimbatore 2016 Prelilms Questions and answers


  1. tripgotrip.com is an online e-portal for online booking site for travel and stay. Which Coimbatore based group started this?

Ans: anand palaniswamy

  1. this name was already trademarked for EBESCO industries’ hunting knives and sporting goods and also for old town canoe co’s human propelled watercraft. So what did the Stanford graduates add to their name to get a trademark?

Ans: exclamation mark ! (yahoo!)

  1. it was called ‘soundabout’ in the US, ‘snowaway’ in the UK and ‘freestyle’ in Australia. The disco jogger was also one of the names proposed by the company because it was at that time in US when disco and jogging were in vogue. How do we better know this?

Ans: Walkman

  1. which American company is this?

Ans: netgear


That’s all for the final party, have a check on the welcome party of this quiz here, TCS IT Wiz Coimbatore 2016 Prelilms Questions and answers

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