TCS IT Wiz 2011 Delhi Finals

I have my sincere thanks & wishes for the participant up of TCS IT WIZ 2011 Delhi , Mohammed Wasih, who provided me the question.                              
                                Experience Anticipation
1. X is a piece of hardware that plugs into an electrical connector on a loptop,computer.What is it ?
2. X is a system-on-chips series introduced by Nvidia for use on laptops,Smartphones.What is X ?


is a computer network
administration utility used to test the reachability of a host on
an Internet Protocol (IP) network ?

4.GNU  Network Object Model Enviornment ?
5. X 

is a simple communications tool
used for short messages.This was onc used by doctors in new york to
communicate with patients.Identify X?

6. X 

was one used in world war II to break German crypted codes.This was designed by tommy flowers.What is X?


                                  Experience Diversity


Its a science fiction weapon .It touch
two most substance without resistance .It (some are missing) can be
deflected by another x called (some are missing). An active one keeps you a (some are missing) hung .It raises in picture (some are missing) move rapidly through air .Bringing into
contact with an object called another previewses a cracker.What am i describing here?


2.This preson co-founded the first web
based application viaweb ,which was acquired by Yahoo! And known as
Yahoo stores.He is also the author of on lisp,Hackers & authors
and many more.Who is the guy??
Ans.Paul Graham
3.Stack War is a term used to define
the conflict of which two IT companies??
Ans.Oracle and SAP
4.Identify the person?
Ans.Jonathan Schwartz
5.What is this?

Ans.Metro UI (starting screen in Windows 8 )

                                                 @ TCS
1.It is a huge creation from TCS.It is a first of its kind fully integrated information technology solution which is going to redefine small and medium business …..
2.In 2008 TCS’sInnovation labs developed this product which ows the (some award ) in the wireless category.It is a product that enables the Indian farmers to receive useful data….
                                              Experience Oneness
1.     Home Area Network            +  Picture os NTT Docomo

                    +      one man making a phone call phone was

           +   A Phone was Shown
2.         Wipro             +     Sony              + Linden Labs   
           + National Anthem of Malidives
Ans.Second Life
3.           Logo of Lulzec       + Some pictures  of Lulzec were shown
Ans.Lulzec(Hackers Group)


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