TCS IT Wiz Indore 2017 IT Quiz Prelims and Finals Questions and answers



Questions and answers of TCS IT Wiz Indore 2017 IT Quiz Prelims

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1.Which companys name is derived from the French word for software, “logiciel” ?

Ans : Logitech

2.The film Unsane which is under production by an Oscar winning director Steven Soderbergh has some speciality on how the film was shot. What was the speciality ?

Ans : The film was shot on an iPhone

3.How do we better know Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company


4. A Question on Wittyfeed

5. A Question on HMD Global

6.He was born in Titilagarh, Odisha, India. In 1964, he traveled to Chicago to study electrical engineering.After many years he visited India and could not make a phone call to his wife. So he returned to India and spent nearly a decade with Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi as leader of an effort to build an Indian information industry.The task was to extend digital telecommunications to every corner of the country, including remote villages, like the one of his birth.

*He served the country at wage of 1 Rupee . He made telecom revolution in India . Who is he

Ans Sam Pitroda

7. A Question on Nintendo Wii

8. Identify him

Ans : Fabrice Grinda (OLX)

9. Sharp Mobiles introduced something into their phones for the first time and failed miserably.The phone to which it was introduced for the first time was J-SH04.What was it

Ans : First camera phone

10.According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word X was first used in print by Isaac Asimov, in his science fiction short story “Liar!”, published in May 1941 in Astounding Science Fiction. Asimov was unaware that he was coining the term.What is the term which was introduced by Issac Assimov

Ans : Robotics

11. A Question of Ruby

12. Question on PaytmMall

13. A Question on Goodreads

14. A Question on Shazam

15.Kraken and Mount gox are exchanged for what

Ans : Bitcoins

16.Identify the game

Ans : CATS (Crash Arena Turbo Stars)

17. A Question on TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinath

18. Which celebrity signed as the brand ambassador of Foodpanda

Ans : Shah Rukh Khan

19.On October 27, 2016, it was announced that X would buy NXP Semiconductors. But later  NXP Semiconductors  planned to ask X for more money due to activist investor influence.And the acquisition is still pending.Give X ?

Ans: Qualcomm

20.Identify the logo

Ans: Healthifyme

 TCS IT Wiz Indore 2017 IT Quiz Finals

Round 1

1.The precursor to this was a product named SmartSketch, published by Futurewave software, a company founded by Charlie Jackson, Jonathan Cray and Michelle Welsh. Smartsketch was a vector drawing app for pen computers.When internet boomed, Futurewave modified it by adding frame-by-frame animation features and released the product as Futuresplash animator on the Mac and PC.

Ans: Adobe Flash

2. “A case of san seriff to sand Sherif” read the economic times headlines on Jan 15, 2017, What’s the Pakistani PM’s association to technology

Ans : Change of font when he submitted documents in the court (Read the full deatils on our post . Click here)

3.The company’s first project in early 1950’s was when it conducted a feasibility study for General Electric to install a computer at Kentucky which led to GE’s installation of UNIVAC 1 and a printer. This was believed to be the first commercial use of a computer in the US. Which company ?

Ans :  Accenture

4.It is a French multinational multimedia Conglomerate whose origins can be traced as far back as 1853 when a water company, CGE was created by an imperial decree Napolean III. For the next century it remained focussed on water sector. But in 1976, CGE started diversifying its portfolio. It’s current name was given to it in 1998. (Hint : We are we)

Ans: Vivendi

5. This term comes from the Warner Bro’s series of ‘Road Runner” cartoons. IN these cartoons, the famished Wile E. Coyote was forever attempting to catch up with, trap and eat the Road Runner. His attempts usually involved one or mroe high-technology Rube Goldberg devices rocket jetpacks, catapults, magnetic traps, high-powered slingshots, etc. These were usually delivered in large wooden crates labelled prominently with this term. These devices invariably malfunctioned in improbable and violent ways.

Ans : ACME

6. In 2007, which group announced its intentions to purchase an island named Sealand and declare it as an independent nation ?

Ans : The Pirate Bay

Round 2

1.Who tweeted this ?

TCS IT Wiz Indore 2017 R2Q1

Ans : Travis Kalanick

2. Which company brought this smartphones

TCS IT Wiz Indore 2017 R2Q2

Ans : Sharp Mobiles brought it fo Softbank

3. This is Cargo robot brought by Piaggio industries.It is named after something from the Indian Mythology for doing its duty ?

TCS IT Wiz Indore 2017 R2Q3

Ans: Geetha

4.What is this patent ?

TCS IT Wiz Indore 2017 R2Q4

Ans : Amazon Drone delivery system

5. What is this technology from LG in the escalators ?

TCS IT Wiz Indore 2017 R2Q5

Ans : A devices that sanitizes the handrails in escalators

6. List of what in which India comes first ? (The image is not the correct one)

TCS IT Wiz Indore 2017 R2Q6

Ans: Number of active Facebook users

TCS IT Wiz Indore 2017 Finals

Round 4

1.Identify the person

TCS IT Wiz Indore 2017 R4Q1

Ans : Jack Dorsey


TCS IT Wiz Indore 2017 R4Q2

Ans: Marvel


TCS IT Wiz Indore 2017 R4Q3

Ans : Larry Ellison


TCS IT Wiz Indore 2017 R4Q4

Ans : Fujitsu

Round 5


Ans : Artificial Intelligence


Ans : Ashok Soota


Ans: Whirlpool

TCS IT Wiz Indore 2017 Questions and answers


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