TCS IT Wiz Ahmedabad 2017 IT Quiz Finals Questions and answers


TCS IT Wiz Ahmedabad 2017 IT Quiz Finals Questions and answers

Questions and answers of TCS IT Wiz Ahmedabad 2017 IT Quiz Finals

Final Rounds of TCS IT Wiz Ahmedabad 2017 IT Quiz Finals


2.Contextual Knowledge

3.TCS Round

4.Machine Learning


Round-1 (Automation)

1.In the world of visual representation, what are Identicons?

Ans: An Identicon is a visual representation of a hash value, usually of an IP address, that serves to identify a user of a computer system as a form of avatar while protecting the users’ privacy

2.It’s a variable company incorporated after 9 days after Steve Job’s death,

3.In the world of computing, it’s the act of running program in order to find the relative performance of an objejct, normally by running a standard of test and trials. What term is this?


4.Kotak 811 is a digital banking initiative that offers zero balance account, what’s the story behind 811 ?

Ans: India went on demonetization on November 8, and hence Kotak launched Kotak 811

5.Suzan LeVine is a United States Ambassador, and she tooks a position on to Switzerland and Liechtenstein on May 30, 2014. What did she do?

Ans: Suzi LeVine became the first US ambassador to take an oath of office using a digital device , a Kindle e-book reader

6.Originally a unit of telegraph signaling speed, set at one Morse code dot per second. Or, more generally, the reciprocal of the duration of the shortest signaling element. It was prepared at the international telegraph conference of 1926-27, and named after James Maurice E.B. the French engineer who constructed the first successful Tele printer


Round  2 (Contextual Knowledge)

1.What is the Redirect Method?

Ans:Suppose you’re searching about ISIS, and then Google will automatically redirect you to some other site.

2.Put Funda

Ans:Yahoo was initially started on 2 servers on the name of 2 sumo wrestlers. Akebono, (URL was, while the software was lodged on Filo’s computer, Konishiki, both named after legendary sumo wrestlers.


3.Whose April Fool 2017 prank is this?


4.What is this hypothetical technology on this photo?

Ans: Utility Fog  is a hypothetical collection of tiny robots that can replicate a physical structure. As such, it is a form of self-reconfiguring modular robotics.

5.What is Geo Fencing?

TCS IT Wiz Ahmedabad 2017

Ans:A geo-fence could be dynamically generated—as in a radius around a store or point location, or a geo-fence can be a predefined set of boundaries, like school attendance zones or neighborhood boundaries.

6.This person is named William Gasarch ___________ . It’s a customizable avatar on a platform

Ans: Wii, on Nintendo

TCS IT Wiz Ahmedabad 2017

Round 3 ( TCS Round – on Buzzer)

1.TCS has launched an AI for SAP,ERP operations. Name it?

Ans: TCS Ignio

2.what did TCS has to do with stephanie rice?

Ans:She was TCS World 10k Run Ambassador

3.It s a company that is found on 1975. Today It’s a wholly owned subsidiary of TCS.

Ans: CMC

4.TCS has an app called next step. Who is this typically targeted at?

Ans: For freshers who wants to get into TCS for jobs.

Round 4- (Machine Learning)


Ans:Steve Jobs

 He worked as a summer intern at HP


TCS IT Wiz Ahmedabad 2017

Ans: Disney

Disney became the first customer of HP

Where’s my water is a band by Disney

For the Movie Fantasia, they created oscillators

3.CONNECT    | TCS IT Wiz Ahmedabad 2017

Ans:Wearable  Technologies



 Round 5 (AGILE)






Ans:Nitendo Mario

That’s all for the Questions of TCS IT Wiz Ahmedabad 2017

Congrats to the participants and winners of TCS IT Wiz Ahmedabad 2017.

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