TCS IT Wiz Bangalore 2017 Tech Quiz Prelims and Finals Questions and answers


Questions and answers of TCS IT Wiz Bangalore 2017 IT Quiz Prelims

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1. Trringo app will let farmers rent out tractors and equipments. Which company in India made this app?

Ans: Mahindra

2. ________is the premier science & technology organisation of India’s Union Government in informatics services and information and communication technology (ICT) applications.

Ans:National Informatics Centre

3.A word used in the united states if someone lose their job and gets out sourced to India specifically, to Bangalore. What is that word?

Ans: Bangalored

4.Identify this new CEO of TCS

Ans:Rajesh Gopinathan

5.A question about winamp

6.A storage company started by Vivian Singh, Anshuman Gupta that starts with the name of an element on period table. Which company?


7. What is Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer ?


8.Identify this CTO of Oculus VR

Ans:John Carmack

9.Dynamics,Condenser,and ribbons are different types of?


10.The first ever document that officially created into an e-book?

Ans:American declaration of Independence

TCS IT Wiz Bangalore 2017

Questions and answers of TCS IT Wiz Bangalore 2017 IT Quiz Finals

Rounds of TCS IT Wiz Bangalore 2017 IT Quiz Finals

1.Automation Round

2.Contextual knowledge

3.Machine Learning

4. TCS Round


Round 1- Automation Round

1.What’s so unique about the Indus OS?

Ans:World’s First Regional Operating System

2.The activity was first called GPS stashing or GPS stash hunt,its similar to a 160 year old game that called letter boxing. What’s this activity called?

Ans: Geo Coaching

3.Micheal Hutt typed the entire declaration of the Independence into a computer to create an e-book, it also marked a beginning to the world knows something else. What did he created?

Ans:Gutenberg press

4.The name of the company is Finnish for a “dinghy” (a small agile boat/rescue boat) and was intended as an ironic joke about the “burning platform memo” released by then NOKIA CEO Stephen Elops


TCS IT Wiz Bangalore 2017

5.”All the best games are easy to learn and difficult to master.They should reward the 1st quarter and the hundredth.”What law is this?

Ans:Bushnell’s law

6.SEA-ME-WE, I-ME-WE,FLAG FEA,Bay of Bengal Gateway, Europe-India Gateway,LION,SAFE are all?

Ans:Undersea cables

Round 2- Contextual Knowledge

1.What is this?

Ans:Microsoft and its Enemies

2.What is depicted here?







Ans: Blockchain


Ans:Nintendo switch’s Amelia

TCS IT Wiz Bangalore 2017

4.Who’s April fool prank is this?


5.Which team?

Ans: Traitorous Eight

6.This letter of pardon was issued to whom?

Ans:Alan Turing

Round 3- TCS Round

1.This extremly well known institute partners with TCS ION to facilitate proctered exams for its MOOK courses, which institute became the first to be partnered?

Ans: IIM Bangalore

2.Who was the first chairman of TCS?


3.A pact was recently signed between the TCS and this famous Airlines to modernise the airlines IT platform to enhance data analytics and operational agility

Ans: Jet Blue Corporation

4. TCS has been a recipient of the  _________- awards presented by the German MNC SAP. What is this award name?

Ans: The Pinnacle award

Round 4- Machine Learning


Ans: Kris Gopalakrishnan


Ans: ZOHO Corporation




Round 5 – AGILE of TCS IT Wiz Bangalore 2017


Ans: Peter Thiel


Ans Ubuntu

(ubuntu font and ubuntu phone)


Ans: IBM




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