TCS IT Wiz Chennai 2017 Questions and answers (Prelims & Finals)



Questions and answers of TCS IT Wiz Chennai 2017 IT Quiz Prelims

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1.Which is the Food aggregator service from the world of Google?

Ans:Google Areo

2.Question about


3.Which company owns Foodpanda, the online food delivery startup now?

Ans: Delivery Hero

4.Identify him

Ans: Murugavel Janakiraman (Founder of )

5.Wii Sports is a product from which company?


6.Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Leonard Adleman contributed what to the world of IT?

Ans: RSA Cryptogarphy (RSA Corporation)

7.Turing award is financially sponsored by?


8.Identify the logo


9.Identify this logo


10.Malicious software that Can Hold Computer Files Hostage is known as?


11.The company started technically by  Cecil H. GreenJ. Erik JonssonEugene McDermott, and Patrick E. Haggerty in 1951 ?

Ans: Texas Instruments

12.A question about a famous amul ad which captured an issue in India

Ans:Net Neutrality

13.Where is CASE TARS KIPP  robots found?


14.World’s largest customer base with 860 Million customers, which company?

Ans:China Mobile

15.A term that is used to describe a 50 Billion worth startup?


16.A question about

17.The man from India, gave the world the word Fibre Optics, Who?

Ans: Narendra Singh Kabani

18.FC Kohli, S Ramadorai, N Chandrashekaran, ____________ ?

Ans: Rajesh Gopinathan

19.A question about


Questions and answers of TCS IT Wiz Chennai 2017 IT Quiz Finals

Rounds of TCS IT Wiz Chennai 2017 IT Quiz Finals

1.Automation Round

2.Contextual knowledge

3.Machine Learning

4. TCS Round


Round 1- Automation Round

1.Manufactured by Bharat Electronics Limited, Electronics Corporation of India Limited, Hyderabad; it is powered by an ordinary 6V alkaline battery . As of 2014 a unit costed Rs 12000, and has been imported by countries like Nepal,Bhutan,Namibia,Kenya for use in their respective countries. What are we talking about?

Ans: Electronic Voting Machine

2.Created in 1997, this grammatically incorrect tagline THINK DIFFERENT(it was supposed to be “THINK DIFFERENTLY”) was in opposition to the tagline of this company.The tagline launched in the same year Steve Jobs returned to apple as CEO at a time when Apple was having a resurgence . Whose tagline was being opposed or targeted.?


TCS IT Wiz Chennai 2017

3.The name was picked of the last line of an 800- year old classical Chinese poem which ended with the poet finding the women he had been searching high and low for. Literally, it is translated as “Hundreds of times”. But in the context it meant “A persistent search for the idea”. What name?

Ans: Baidu

4.For the Amazon’s ECHO it is AMAZON,ALEXA,ECHO,or Computer. For Google’s Home it is OK, Google. What are these phrases called?

Ans:Wake Words

5.Barry Steakfries works as an salesman for a Gramophone making company, but the business is about to go burst, due to low sales. one day as he walks on a street, down because of poor sales, he finds one of top secret labs of legitimate research and finds something. He takes it and goes on a __________ with the intention of using it for the good. What is being described in the above lines?

Ans:Joy Stick

6.What does e-lancing stands for?

Ans: It is the practice of taking freelancing work through online job offers.

Round 2 – Contextual Knowledge 

TCS IT Wiz Chennai 2017


Ans: Countries hit in the initial hours of the Ransomware cyber-attack.

2. Who is she? Which company owns this?

Ans: Cortana of Microsoft

3.Which company manufactured this (Brownie Camera)?

Ans Kodak 

4.Which companies error messege?

Ans: Youtube

TCS IT Wiz Chennai 2017

5.What is the word of this?

Ans: Bliss

6.Why is this Barclays ATM in Gold Color?

Ans: Golden Jubilee of ATM’s

Round 3- TCS Round

1.TCS have pioneered something called the GNDM model. What does GNDM stands for?

Ans:Global Network Delivery Model

TCS IT Wiz Chennai 2017

2.TCS has something called EEAS. What is this focusing on?

Ans: Environment as a service

3.Fisher friend is an app created by TCS. This is an collabration with QUALCOMM to essentially help fishermen especially during what situation of scenario?

Ans: Weather information

4.On the advice of a person named Cournel Honey who founded TCS and became first Chairman?

Ans: JRD Tata

Round 4- Machine Learning


Ans:BBK Electronics


Ans: Amazon


Ans: TIME person of the Year 

TCS IT Wiz Chennai 2017



Round 5 – AGILE


Ans: HP


Ans:Virtual Reality



1.Who wrote the book " The Road Ahead" ?

TCS IT Wiz Chennai 2017

TCS IT Wiz Chennai 2017 Questions and answers




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