Tech Acquisitions and Mergers Quiz 2019


Tech Acquisitions and Mergers Quiz 2018

This is a quiz about the Tech acquisitions and mergers in 2016,2017 and 2018. This list of questions will be timely updated with new acquisitions and mergers quiz 2018.

1.Indian payments firm Itzcash was acquired by which US Headquartered company?

Answer – Ebix Inc

2. Which famous Indian company acquired Grabhouse, Stepni, ZapLuk, Salosa, StayGlad, and Hiree,Zimmber, Baba Job ?

Answer- Quickr

3. Halli Labs, advanced AI and ML related startup based out of Bengaluru was acquired by which major giant?

Answer – Google

4. Freecharge was acquired by __________ in 2017?

Answer- Axis Bank

5. Zarget, Founded by ex-Zoho veterans, a SaaS-based web optimisation and marketing platform was acquired by?

Answer- Freshworks

6. RoadRunnr acquired X  and rebranded as  Y, Later Z acquired Y to optimise its logistics costs for hyperlocal food delivery. Identify X,Y,Z?

Answer- X- Tinyowl

Y- Runnr

Z- Zomato

7. little, a startup that aggregates deals across categories like food and beverage, movies, last-minute hotels, health, and wellness, etc was acquired by __________?

Answer- Paytm

8. After the acquisition of little by Paytm, little was merged with a similar deals booking startup owned by Paytm. Which startup am I talking about?

Answer- Nearbuy

9. SoSasta was acquired by X and later X was renamed as nearbuy?

Answer- Groupon

Acquisitions and Mergers Quiz is a Webportal and digital media distribution company, and was acquired by?

Answer- Zee Entertainment

11.NDTV owned fifth gear was sold to?

Answer- Autobyte

12. Dawailelo is a tech-based facilitator in the healthcare space, and was acquired by which major?

Answer- 1mg

13. Tapzo is a multi purpose application that allows mobile, DTH and data card recharge, bill payments, order cabs and food, book flight and bus tickets and avail of home services. Which major recently acquired tapzo?

Answer- Amazon Pay

14. Uber has signed a merger with ________ in Russia which is the search engine giant of Russia?

Answer- Yandex

15. TutorVista And Edurite was acquired by which Ed-Tech startup?

Answer- BYJUS

16. X has acquired InstaLively Livestreaming Pvt. Ltd, the company behind hyperlocal social networking app Pulse.?

Answer- Hike Messenger

17. X has acquired Bengaluru-headquartered, a provider of vehicle inspection technology and CRM solutions?

Answer- TVS & Sons Group

18. Mswipe has merged with X’s existing offline PoS division team?

Answer- PayU

19.OneClickWash was acquired by it’s rival ___________?

Answer- PickmyLaundry

20.Foodpanda was acquired by?

Answer- Ola Cabs


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