Tech Acquisitions and Mergers Quiz 2019


Try this quiz on Tech Acquisitions and Mergers 2019 to check how updated you are in the tech world. Go on and happy quizzing!! 🙂

1. X announced in November that it will acquire Honey Science Corporation – best known as the maker of the popular deal-finding browser add-on Honey – for $4 billion, making it X’s largest acquisition. Identify X.

Answer – PayPal


2. Which popular digital fitness trackers company has been announced to be acquired by Google in early 2020 for $2.1 billion?

Answer – Fitbit


3. Which New York-based startup focuses on developing a ‘brain-computer interface’ via a proprietary software platform and wristband and is a technology that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has signaled a keen interest in over the past couple of years?

Answer – CTRL-labs 


4. X owned GitHub announced in September that it is acquiring Y– a San Francisco-based startup which has built an analytics tool for software development process management – for an undisclosed fee.  Name X and Y.

Answer – X = Microsoft and Y = Semmle 


5. Which Mountain View-based startup will join the new McDonald’s Global Technology team, called McD Tech Labs, based in Silicon Valley?

Answer – Apprente


6. Name the cloud migration specialist which was announced to be acquired by tech-giant Microsoft in September for an undisclosed amount.

Answer – Movere

7. In January 2020, Zomato has acquired the Indian operations of which food delivery biz?

Answer – Uber Eats


8. In February, Twilio announced the completion of its acquisition of the leading email API platform, at around $3 billion. Which platform I am talking about?

Answer – Sendgrid


9. The motive behind this deal was straightforward – buyout rivals in geography, in other words, buy dominance in geography. A ride-hailing major cracked this deal by buying out its middle east rival. Which deal has been discussed in the above line?

Answer – Uber acquired Careem


10. Rollout and Electric cloud were acquired by which enterprise continuous delivery specialist in 2019?

Answer – CloudBees


Well done! You have reached the end of the quiz. Don’t miss this quiz on important Tech Acquisitions and Mergers Quiz. Give it a try. Good luck!



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