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A codename is a name given to a product while it is in development and does not officially have a name. Try this Code Names Quiz to check how updated you are about the world of Computing. Go on and happy quizzing!! 🙂

1. FroYo (Frozen Yogurt) is the code of which version of Android?

Answer – Android 2.2


2. All Debian releases are codenamed after character names from the film Toy Story. Remember Sid, the emotionally unstable, toy-destroying kid next door? That’s the permanent name for Debian’s unstable development distribution. What is the codename of Debian 7.0?

Answer – Wheezy


3. What is common between Liquid Sky, Dark Matter, Space Monkey, and Red Pill?

Answer – All are codenames for Adobe Photoshop versions.


4. Evans (a well-known jazz musician) is the codename of _______.

Answer – WordPress 4.8


5. X was the name for Andriod 8.0 when it was in development. Later, the project name for the next version was Y. Identify X and Y.

Answer – X = Oreo and Y = Pie


6. Code names for which OS versions always follow the pattern “adjective + animal”?

Answer –Ubuntu

7. The codename of the first version Mozilla Firefox shared its name with the name of a magical bird, who was also Dumbledore’s Patronus in the Harry Potter Series. Identify this codename.

Answer – Phoenix


8. It was codenamed Capone because like the famous gangster, it meant to rule over Chicago (Windows 95). The other codename for this project was Mozart. Which project has been talked about here?

Answer – Apple System Software 7.5 (Mac OS 7.5)


9. Canonical wanted to keep using “hog” in the version names but soon abandoned that (after Hoary Hedgehog). If they hadn’t, _________ would have been code-named Grumpy Groundhog. Fill in the blank.

Answer – Breezy Badger


10. In 1994, Apple codenamed the PowerMac 7100 on his name. When the famous scientist discovered this, he sued Apple to change the name. Apple, in turn, renamed the computer “BHA,” which stood for “butt-head astronomer.” However, once again, he sued the company for libel but ultimately lost. What was his name?

Answer – Carl Sagan

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Well done! You have reached the end of this Code Names Quiz. I hope that you enjoyed it and learned something new. Don’t forget to comment, rate, and share it with your friends. Keep Learning, Keep Quizzing!!


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