Tech Jargons Quiz 2021 | All Tech Terminologies that you should know


Tech Jargons Quiz

Welcome to the set of 50 tech jargons quiz questions and answers. Hope you will learn a few tech jargons that you didn’t know.

Question 1

____________ is a term used to allude to the foundation of the Chinese authority in controlling web traffic inside the nation. It is a figure of speech dependent on the prestigious Great Wall of China, the gigantic structure worked to secure the Northern edges of the realm from intruders?

Answer: Great Firewall of China

Question 2

X is a split-architecture Web browser that taps into Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) cloud computing services to offer a faster, richer browsing experience. X made its debut on the Kindle Fire tablet computer, which utilizes X’s split browsing capabilities to take the processing load off of the Kindle Fire CPU for heavier browser processing tasks. Which popular browser are we talking about?

Answer: Amazon Silk is a web browser developed by Amazon. tech-jargons-quiz

Question 3

X is a lightweight data-interchange format that is easy for humans to read and write, and for machines to parse and generate. X is based on the object notation of the JavaScript language. What is X?

Answer: JSON ( Javascript Object Notation)

Question 4

_____________ is the practice of using deceptive communications to make a corporate or political message appear natural and organic as if it comes from a very distributed group of individuals or naturally emerging social movements. This term is often used in politics as well. What are we talking about?

Answer: Astroturfing

Question 5

_________ is a personal device that facilitates wireless access by acting as a Wi-Fi hotspot. It is a registered trademark of the Novatel company. Typically, It can form a local ad hoc network by providing a connection to up to 10 other devices. Fill in the blanks?

Answer: MiFi

Question 6

The term X was coined by Microsoft developers in 2005 when they experienced an error in Windows.  X refers to the error message that appeared on some of the beta versions of Windows Vista as well as a few handhelds and video game consoles, such as the Playstation series. X also appeared in some of the early builds of Windows 98, generally known as “Memphis” during that period. What are we talking about?

Answer: The Red Screen of Death (RSoD) 

Question 7

What is Cruft?

Answer: Cruft is a popular slang term for useless, redundant, or poorly written piece of code. Cruft isn’t necessarily a bug, but rather makes the code harder to read and maintain.

Cruft includes any code that is not necessary for an application to perform the task it was designed for. It also can be used in the context of code that is so poorly written, that you might as well throw it out and start from scratch.

Question 8

____________ refers to software packages or products that are vulnerable to many little releases, updates, and patches. The idea is that rather than having a “clean release,” the release process is like an ongoing dribble of related updates and versions that customers have to deal with.

Answer: Dribbleware

Question 9

X refers to redirecting website traffic through hacking, whereby the hacker implements tools that redirect a search to a fake website. X may cause users to find themselves on an illegitimate website without realizing they have been redirected to an impostor site, which may look exactly like the real site. How do we know the term X?

Answer: Pharming

Question 10

What is Graymail?

Answer: Graymail describes email messages that are generally unwanted but do not fit the definition of spam. Unlike spam, graymail includes messages from mailing lists and newsletters that you have legitimately signed up to receive.

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