Tech Quiz Questions and answers 2017


Tech Quiz Set 2 Questions and answers 2017

45.AC-3 , EAC3 , Stereo AC and AAC+ are developed by which company ?
Ans: Dolby Digital
46.Steve Wilhite developed which format?
Ans: GIF

47.Who invented Infrared Rays?
Ans: William Herschel
48.’Decoded’ is a book written by?
Ans:Jay Z
49.X is an interbank network that covers all VISA credit,debit, and
prepaid cards, as well as ATM cards issued by various banks worldwide.
Fill in the blank
50.Bichitra is a project with all the works and info of which author?
Ans:Rabindranath Tagore

50.S-schools is an initiative by which electronics giant for making education better in schools?
51. .It was originally codenamed “Majel” after Majel
Barrett, the wife of Gene Roddenberry, and well known as the voice of
computer systems in his Star Trek franchise.How do we know it today ? Hint (Related to Google)
Ans:Google Now
52.What is the name of the Telecom & Telemetry services arm from GAIL (India) Limited, which if know for commercially leasing telecom services to telecom operators across India since 2001 ?
53.Expand NDP
Ans: Neighbor Discovery Protocol
54.Who won the Turing award in 2003?
Ans:Alan Kay

55. Who won IEEE John von Neumann Medal 2016?
Christos Papadimitriou (James Gosling won in 2015)
56.What is OHMD ?
Ans:Optical Head Mounted Display
57,Which company did BSNL tie up with to come out with a range of tablets ? (Samsung , Pantel , Aakash)
58.It is a term that is used to identify the use and collection of computer hardware andsoftware that was used in days gone by. While much of this type of collecting involvessystems and software that was produced since the advent of the personal computer.Identify?
59.This is a kind of cybersquatting and relies upon mistakes such as
typographical errors made by users while entering a URL into a web
browser. What?

60..Which was the first Indian city to have a cell phone network?
61.X is the act of hacking, or breaking into a computer system, for a politically or socially motivated purpose. The individual who performs an act of X is said to be a hacktivist.
Ans: Hacktivism
62.It is often used as a measure of computer operating system reliability or stability.It measures the time of a machine, typically a computer, has been working and available.Which term ?
63.What is the action of recording the keys struck on a keyboard typically in a covert
manner so that the person using the keyboard is unaware that their actions are being monitored called ?
64.PCI DSS is a proprietary information security standard for organizations that handle cardholder information for the major debit, credit, prepaid, e-purse, ATM, and POS cards. What is the fulform of PCI is DSS is Data Security Standard ?
Ans:Payment Card Industry
65.X is a free and open-source software platform for cloud computing, mostly deployed as an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). The software platform consists of interrelated components that control diverse, multi-vendor hardware pools of processing, storage, and networking resources throughout a data center.
Ans: Openstack
66. first Interface Message Processor are known by what name today?
Ans: Routers
67..What is Mozilla’s online paying application called?

68. Which is the First registered domain?
68.”Lean in: Women, work and the will to lead” is a book by ?
Ans: Sheryl Sandberg
69..’10,000 startups’, a program to look for innovative technology start
ups across the country has been launched by which industry body?
70.In the world of technology, what does the acronym BYOD stands for ?
Ans: Bring Your Own Device
71. Zipcast is a feature in?
Ans: Slideshare
72.The innovators Dilemma is a books written by?
Ans:Clayton Christensen

1.Who wrote the book " The Road Ahead" ?



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