Tech Quiz Questions and answers 2020


Tech Quiz questions and answers 2020 by Manvith Hariharan.

Q1.Identify the Logo

Ans: Gmail

Q2.X was an OTT platform founded by former Disney Titan Jeffrey Katzenberg. The company targeted a younger demographic and hosted episodes of 10 minutes. It is derived from the term”Quick Bites”.Sadly, this OTT platform is shutting down this year. Identify X

Ans: Quibi

Q3.ID the Author

Ans: Marc Randolph

Q4.X is a Chinese ed-tech startup founded in 2012. It is backed by Chinese Titan Tencent. As of 2020, X crossed Byju’s making it the most valuable tech startup in the world. ID X

Ans: Yuanfudao

Q5.We all know Gary from Pokemon. However, in the Japanese version of the Anime, he is named X.X was the mentor of Satoshi Tajiri, the man behind Pokemon.X is the “creative fellow” of Nintendo.ID X

Ans: Shigeru Miyamoto

Q6.X Weinman was a graphic designer who founded X in 1995.X also founded the Flashforward Conference and the Flash Film Festival.X in 2015 was bought by LinkedIn for 1.5 billion dollars. Identify the company

Q7.X recently announced the Content Authority Prototype. This will be available in X’s recent products in the beta format.X aims to curb misinformation and also create an industry standard to curb fake news. Identify X whose products are commonly used in creating misinformation

Ans: Adobe

Q8.X is a free and open-source software created by Google. Most of the assets in X have been used to create Chrome(although it has more features than the above). Several browsers like Opera and Microsoft Edge running on the following software. Identify X.

Ans: Chromium

Q9.X was a social networking site founded in 2007 by Josh Williams, Scott Raymond to name a few. The app was targeted at tourists and did what Instagram does today. This app was shut down in 2012 after being acquired by Facebook. However, Josh Williams recently announced the revival of this app as an AR-based social network app.Identify the following.

Ans: Gowalla

Q10.ID The person

Ans: Trip Hawkins

Hope you learned something new from the tech quiz questions and answers above, please share your feedback in the comments below.

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