Wayanad district IT Quiz Questions and answers UP Level 2016


Wayanad district IT quiz UP Sessions conducted by suresh sir

UP level

1.SIM full form: subscriber identity module
2. OLED full form : organic light emitting diode
3. Ubuntu 16.10 code name : yakkety yak
4. EBook reader of amazon : kindle
5. What is the invention of Andy Rubin:Android OS
6. Red panda is visualized in which browsers logo : Mozilla Firefox
7. Android 7.0 codename : nougat
8. First voting machine was invented by an American genius who have 1093 patents in his name .name him ?
Ans : Thomas Alva Edison
9. Most countries have ccTLD s . the island named Tuvalu is a non developed nations with a lot of fishermen . their ccTLD(country code top level domain ) had a particular speciality s so they use to give them for rent . they earns a lot of money !! . which is that ccTLD ?
  Ans : .tv
10. Identify this google doodle
  Ans : 2016 children’s day doodle made by Anvita prashant telang

11. Union minister of IT
Ans: Ravi Shankar Prasad
12. Identity (RAM)
13. On the beginning ” john Shepard baron” suggested a 6- digit number for that . but his wife requested him to reduce the digits into 4 . we follows this (in most countries). But some countries like  Switzerland follows 6 digit . name what it is ?

14. Worlds fastest super computer : Subway taihulight (China)
15. ID sundar pichai
16. Colour pattern of Google logo : BRYBGR
17. web address of WWF  :  WWF.panda.org
18. Cheetah,puma,jaquar,panther,lion,leopard,snow leopard are the variants of ___?
Ans: Mac OS \ OS X

19. ID hyperlink icon
20. ID Elon musk
21. Assassin creed,steep watch dogs,farcry, …….. Are games from ?
Ans: Ubisoft
22. ID Wikipedias first entry
23 table
Equivalent services
Wechat —– WhatsApp
Baidu ———— google
Weibo ———-twitter
Renren ———– Facebook

24. ID the cinema trailer ” imitation game ” about Alan Turing
25. Fathers …….
Computer——— Charles Babbage
Www—————tim bernerslee
Computer science——— Alan Turing
Internet——— vint cerf

Credits: Nandu Lal

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  1. Sir , Thanks for the informative questions. Please let me know any registration process or subscription is required for getting the quiz questions on a monthly basis. so that we an prepare our students for quiz competitions.

    Thanks once again
    Swarna Durga Computer teacher
    St.Kabir School, Vadodara.


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