Wayanad District IT Quiz UP,HS,HSS IT Quiz questions and answers

Wayanad District IT Quiz UP,HS,HSS IT Quiz questions and answers
Credits & Congrats to  Nandulal Krishna
HS &HSS Common 1st Round Que & Ans From Wayanad District IT quiz
1. ID Logo
Ans: Datawind
2.Codename of Ubuntu 18.04
Ans: Bionic Beaver
3.ID the First Delivered product of 3 E-Commerce Sites
Ans: (a)Ebay,Laser pointer
     (b)Flipcart,Leaving Microsoft to change the world
     (c)Amazon,Fluid concepts and Creative Analogies
4.2016 ACM Turing Award Recieptent
Ans: Tim Berners Lee
5.ID logo
Ans: Funtouch OS
6.Author of the Book ‘Zero to One’
Ans:Peter Thiel
7.Importance of the book “Declaration of independence”
Ans: First e-Book
8.ID Font
Ans: Times New Roman
9.ID Building
Ans: Google Plex
10.ID Picture
Ans: Youtube’s 500 Internal Server Error
11.ID Picture
Ans: 50th Anniversary of 1st ATM
12. Match the following Indian CEOs
George Kurian——–Netapp
Francisco D Suze—–Cognizant
Shanthanu Narayan—-Adobe
Rajeev Suri———-Nokia
13.ID Logo
Ans: Windows Phone
14.indian Eminent Personality appeared in Apple’s Think Diffrent Advertisement
Ans:Mahathma Gandhi 
15.Android App Describes Indian IT History
Ans: Ithihasa
HS Final Round From Wayanad District IT quiz
1.ID postal Stamp and Occasion
Ans: 100th Anniversary of Indian institute of Science
2.Dimensions of an A4 Sized Paper
3.ID logo
Ans: Youtube Rewind
4.Commom Speciality of Wave,Jaiku,Dodgeball,Page Creator..etc
Ans:Failed Google Products
5. Free+Premium=
6.Match the Android Variants to their Devices
7.Film Portrays Founding of Facebook
Ans:The Social Network
8.Terminology for a Printed book that contains or is based on content from from a blog.
9.Name the computational knowledge engine or answering engine
Ans: Wolfrom Alpha
10.Connect Images (“O’REILLY”,”HP”,”Pyra Labs”,”intel”,”Twitter”)
Ans: Evan Williams
HSS Final Round from Wayanad District IT Quiz
1.what is Relentless.com
Ans: First Domain of Amazon
2.indian city inwhich OLA have launched E-cabs
Ans: Nagpur
3.Indian Award for Engineers named after its first recepitent
Ans: Hover Medal
4.world programmers day
Ans:sept 12 or sept 13
5. match Following
PHP————Rasmus Lerdorf
javascript—–Brenden Eich
Perl———–Larry wall
6.what are “p” and “i” in Screen,Printer and Scanner Specs
Ans: p–progressive , i–interlaced
7.Speciality of movie “Usane”
Ans: taken with an iPhone
8.american company technically assisted Hitlers Nazi Holocaust
Ans: IBM
9.ID Cargo carrying Robot
Ans: Gita
10.Terminology for vulnerable holes in Softwares and programmes
Ans: Backdoors
Wayanad District ITquiz(UP) By Suresh Sir
1. Full form of ‘PIN’in ATM Transaction
Ans:PIN:- Personal Identification Number
2.Expand QLED
Ans: Quantom Dot LED
3.Wikipedia’s First Entry was on
Ans: 2001 March 3 ,1:12 AM 
4.Fastest Supercomputer (on 15-Nov-2017)
Ans: Sunway Taihulight of China 
5.Codename for Android 8.0
6.Name the Company Formed by Rich Miner , Nick Sears , Chris White and Andy Rubin
Ans: Android.Inc
7.Famous Web Browser Named After Red Panda
Ans: Mozilla Firefox 
8.Who Found ‘Room To Read’
Ans:John Wood 
9.ccTLD of Tuvalu
Ans: .tv 
10.ID Doodle
Ans: Children’s Day 2016
11.IT Minster of Kerala
Ans: Pinarayi Vijayan
12.ID the Hardware Component
13. The Fist version of this thing had 6 Digits.Later it was Reduced to 4 as requested by inventor,s Wife !
14. Order of colors in Google Logo
Ans: Blue,Red,Yellow,Blue,green,Red
15. ID The CEO
Ans: Sundhar Pichai
16.ID logo
Ans: Ubisoft
17.Official Site Address of Kerala Government
Ans: www.kerala.gov.in
18.ID Software
Ans: Geogebra
19.ID Logo
Ans: Sailfish OS
20.ID Video
Ans: Wireless Charging in Vehicles
21.Kerala’s New ICT Web Portal
22.Latest Revolutionary Feature in Whatsapp messenger and its time period
Ans:Delete for everyone (7 minutes)
23.ID Device
Ans: Amazon Echo
24.New Voting method in which we reciveve a Printed Slip
25. ID movie
Ans: Imitation Game (About Alan Turing)


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