IT QUIZ part-2


1. ‘You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies’ is the tagline for….?
2. If Honda has ASIMO, then what does Hitachi have?
3. Microsoft’s Project Natal, the motion-based control system for the Xbox 360 video game console, has been rechristened as…?
4. Expand CFML.
5. 3,085 tweets of a big sporting result on June 17 saw the highest rate of tweets per second that Twitter has ever seen. What result?
6. Which game-maker is to bring out a video game based on the life and performances of Michael Jackson?
7. Microsoft’s new OS for rugged handhelds used by package handlers, shop floor workers, etc, is called..?
8. Name the two majors who have agreed to merge their mobile phone divisions with the hope of hope of becoming ‘the number one provider of mobile phones in Japan’.
9. The online jargon PNATTMBTC (Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain) is a reference to which classic film?
10. Which IBM supercomputer is scheduled to take on contestants in the popular quiz show ‘Jeopardy!’?
1. ‘The Social Network’, the upcoming flick about the origins of Facebook.
2. Emiew
3. Kinect
4. Cold Fusion Markup Language.
5. LA Lakers retaining the NBA crown.
6. Ubisoft
7. Windows Embedded Handheld.
8. Toshiba and Fujitsu.
9. The Wizard of Oz.
10. IBM Watson.
1. One for the FIFA World Cup. What happens when one types ‘World Cup’ into Google Search?
2. What did Google end just 14 hours into a 24-hour experiment with its home page recently?
3. What does AIR stand for in Adobe AIR?
4. How did ‘Caffeine’ make news recently?
5. The iPhone OS has been officially rechristened as…?
6. What was founded by Diane Greene, Mendel Rosenblum, Scott Devine, Edward Wang, and Edouard Bugnion in 1998?
7. Jaguar, Nebulae and Roadrunner are the top three in the world in which category?
8. Which global superstar is playing the role of Yahoo’s brand ambassador at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa?
9. What is ‘binary blob’ in free software community lingo? 6
10. The optical disc medium developed by Sony for use on the PSP is called…?.
1. The header at the bottom changes to ‘Goooooooal’ from the usual ‘Goooooogle’.
2. Background imagery.
3. Adobe Integrated Runtime.
4. It is Google’s new Web indexing system that provides 50 per cent fresher results for Web searches than its last index.
5. iOS
6. VMware
7. Supercomputers.
8. David Beckham.
9. According to Wikipedia, it is a ‘term for an object file loaded into the kernel of a free or open source operating system without publicly available source code.’
10. Universal Media Disc (UMD).
1. Name the program that offered users cash back on purchases made through Microsoft’s search engine, on which the software giant is pulling the plug by end of July.
2. Which telecom giant has come up with a phone charger that powers up from the pedalling motion of a bicycle’s rider?
3. Which now-retired legend is to grace the next cover of Take-Two’s NBA 2K series of basketball sims?
4. Who owns the H.264 codec?
5. Name the former chief architect who has become the chief technology officer of Yahoo!
6. Which company has the screen technology called Mirasol used in e-readers?
7. Which manufacturer of hand-held devices has the tagline ‘quietly brilliant’?
8. Dell’s soon-to-be launched Android-powered smartphone with a five-inch screen is called…?
9. Name the new music subscription service that is being unveiled by Skype and Kazaa founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis.
10. Name the company behind Roxio that is to buy codec company DivX in a $300-million deal.
1. Bing Cashback.
2. Nokia.
3. Michael Jordan.
4. MPEG LA consortium of 26 companies.
5. Raymie Stata.
6. Qualcomm.
7. HTC Corporation.
8. Streak.
9. Rdio.
10. Sonic.
1. What is ‘Lanikai’?
2. Which is the smartphone in the world to provide 5-band 3G support?
3. Mark Gasson, senior research fellow in the UK, has become the first human to do what with the intention of demonstrating how sophisticated medical implants will become vulnerable?
4. A ‘privacy protecting derivative of each user’s IP address built into a 9-block image and displayed next the user’s name’ is the definition for…?
5.On which product — once ubiquitous in most computers, and which Sony pioneered in 1981 — is Sony planning to pull the plug on in March 2011 because of dwindling sales?
6. If 404 is error message for ‘Not Found’ what is it for ‘Found’?
7. According to John Doerr, the famous partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, which companies are the “four great horsemen of the Internet”?
8. On May 26, what did Apple achieve vis-à-vis Microsoft?
9. Name the Austrian-born American actress known for co-inventing an early technique for spread spectrum communications?
10. What is ‘Wirth’s Law’ named after the famous Swiss scientist who invented Pascal?
1. The codename for the latest version of Mozilla email client Thunderbird 3.1 Release Candidate 1.
2. Nokia N8.
3. Inserted into his hand an ‘infected’ chip containing a computer virus.
4. Identicon.
5. The 3.5-inch floppy disk.
6. 302.
7. Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple.
8. It passed Microsoft in terms of market capitalisation, with a value of roughly $222 billion, about $3 billion ahead of Microsoft.
9. Hedy Lamarr.
10. ‘Software is getting slower more rapidly than hardware becomes faster’.
1. On May 21, Google celebrated the 30th anniversary of a popular game with a doodle. In what way was the doodle special?
2. What new innovation has the tagline ‘TV meets web. Web meets TV’?
3. In the world of gaming, what is common to Tanooki Suit, Fire Flower and Kuribo’s Shoe, amongst other similar things?
4. If it is App Store for Apple and Android Market for Google, what would it be for Chrome?
5. What is ‘Sodaville’ the codename for?
6. ‘Project Nike’ is a deal between which online pioneer and telecom giant?
7. Mozilla is to re-brand Weave as…?
8. How did Cantarell, Vollkorn, Tangerine and 15 others make news recently?
9. Jerry Quindlen is the CEO of…?
10. Apple’s photo editing and management software program developed for its OS is called…?
1. It was a playable doodle of a Pac-Man game!
2. Google TV.
3. They all are Mario Power-Ups.
4. Web Store.
5. Intel’s Atom CE4100 chip that will power the Google TV.
6. Yahoo and Nokia.
7. Firefox Sync.
8. They are Google’s freely usable fonts for the web.
9. Logitech.
10. Aperture.
1. What is ‘Bhuvan’?
2. According to the seventh annual BSA and IDC Global Software Piracy Study, how much did piracy cost the software industry in 2009: $31, 41 or 51 billion?
3. Who is the ‘Chief Lizard Wrangler’ at the Mozilla Corporation?
4. Under what name was Thunderbird originally launched?
5. What is going to replace the current low-end home productivity software Microsoft Works?
6. ‘Be Like the Web’ is to be the theme of which invitation-only event happening in July at Whistler, Canada?
7. The live worldwide version of Monopoly, using Google Maps as the game board and created by Google and Hasbro, was called..?
8. What is SAP to buy in an all-cash deal valued at about $5.8 billion?
9. What does the texting acronym COBRAS stand for?
10. Which video-offering Web site’s name comes from the Mandarin Chinese words meaning ‘bottle gourd’ and ‘interactive recording’?
1. It is the satellite mapping tool, similar to Google Earth, developed by ISRO.
2. $51 billion.
3. Its chairman Mitchell Baker.
4. Minotaur
5. Office Starter 2010.
6. 2010 Mozilla Summit.
7. Monopoly City Streets.
8. Sybase.
9. Come On By Right After School.
10. Hulu.

1. Satoru Iwata is the CEO of…?
2. What is Windows Intune?
3. Which famous studio has launched the ‘DVD2Blu’ program which offers customers an opportunity to send in a DVD copy of a movie and receive back from the studio a Blu-ray version?
4. What is ‘Gianduia’?
5. If Google dubs its tracks-free way to browse ‘Incognito’, how does Microsoft refer to it?
6. Google is to open an online e-books store soon. What is it to be called?
7. Which current rage, before its launch, was referred to in some publishing circles as “the Jesus tablet”?
8. Which famous American made this observation recently: “With iPods and iPads; Xboxes and PlayStations…information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation.”
9. Name the only Asian country among the nine chosen by Apple for the iPad to debut on May 28?
10. What is Intel’s series of the recently launched chip for smartphones and tablets called?
1. Nintendo
2. It is Microsoft’s cloud-based Windows management and security platform aimed primarily at small and medium businesses.
3. Warner Bros.
4. Apple’s technology, being developed, according to Apple watchers, as a Flash alternative.
5. InPrivate
6. Google Editions.
7. iPad
8. The US President, Barack Obama.
9. Japan
10. Atom Z6.


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