Latest Information Technology Quiz Questions 2018

Latest Information Technology Quiz Questions 2018

Checkout the latest Latest Information Technology Quiz Questions 2018

1.Kris Gopalakrishnan, co-founder and former CEO of Infosys, has funded a digital app that chronicles the growth and history of India’s IT industry. What is it so aptly named?

Ans: Itihaasa

● Itihaasa chronicles the history of Indian IT from the installation of the first modern computer in India sixty years back to charting IT’s spectacular growth in the country to crystal-gazing into the future.


2.Name the recipient of the 2016 ACM A.M. Turing Award ?

Ans: Sir Tim Berners-Lee

● For inventing the World Wide Web, the first web browser, and the fundamental protocols and algorithms allowing the Web to scale.


3.Identify this Padma Vibhushan and and Padma Shri awardee who has been listed among the ‘awardee ‘12 Greatest Entrepreneurs of our time’ by Fortune magazine.

Ans: N R Narayana Murthi


4.What is that concept of segmenting Internet known as ?

Internet is a broad thing and anything would appear while searching. A concept of segmenting the Internet has arose recently. we determine our areas and the we get things from that areas only.

Ans: Splinternet ,It is also called Cyber-balkanisation or Internet balkanisation.

● Internet as splintering and dividing due to various factors, such as technology, commerce, politics, nationalism, religion, and interests. “Powerful forces are threatening to balkanise it”, writes the Economist weekly, and it may soon splinter along geographic and commercial boundaries. Countries such as China have erected what is termed a “Great Firewall”, for political reasons, while other nations, such as the US and Australia, discuss plans to create a similar firewall to block child pornography or weapon making instructions


5.In the context of 4G wireless technology, expand LTE?

Ans:Long Term Evolution


6.In the context of 4G wireless technology, expand VOLTE ?

Ans:Voice Over Long Term Evolution


7. What is NGN in the context of Network?  Expand NGN ?

Ans: Next Generation Network

A Next Generation Network (NGN for short) is a telecommunications packe tbased network capable of handling data, voice/audio, and multimedia traffic, encapsulating all of it in data packet form.

The next-generation network (NGN) is a body of key architectural changes in telecommunication core and access networks. The general idea behind the NGN is that one network transports all information and services (voice, data, and all sorts of media such as video) by encapsulating these into IP packets, similar to those used on the Internet. NGNs are commonly built around the Internet Protocol, and therefore the term all IP is also sometimes used to describe the transformation of formerly telephone-centric networks toward NGN.

NGN is a different concept from Future Internet, which is more focused on the evolution of Internet in terms of the variety and interactions of services offered.

Latest Information Technology Quiz Questions 2018

8.What Did Users Of The First Automatic Teller Machine Access The Machine With?

Ans: Radioactive Paper

● Today they’re ubiquitous: automatic teller machines (ATMs) that dispense cash to you with the swipe of a bank card and the input of your personal identification number (PIN). Stroll back through history a scant fifty years or so, however, and both inventors and banks alike were wrangling with how to implement the now commonplace technology.

● While ATMs and the bank cards we use in them are everywhere now, when the original ATM was invented by British inventor John Shepherd-Barron back in the 1960s, there was one critical missing component: the cards. When you create an automatic teller in an age without bank cards, how do you verify the users are who they say they are? Radioactive paper, naturally


9.Name this Denial-Of-Service ?

This is a specific form of denial-of-service attack in which a large volume of ICMP packets with the victim’s spoofed IP address swapped in place of the senders IP address are broadcast over a computer network using one of the IP broadcast addresses available on that network

Ans: Smurf Attack

● A smurf attack is a type of denial of service attack in which a system is flooded with spoofed ping messages. This creates high computer network traffic on the victim’s network, which often renders it unresponsive.

● Smurfing takes certain well-known facts about Internet Protocol and Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) into account. ICMP is used by network administrators to exchange information about network state, and can also be used to ping other nodes to determine their operational status. The smurf program sends a spoofed network packet that contains an ICMP ping. The resulting echo responses to the ping message are directed toward the victim’s IP address. Large number of pings and the resulting echoes can make the network unusable for real traffic.


10.What Was The First Modern Web Search Engine?

Ans: WebCrawler

● The three core components of modern web search engines–crawling the web for new sites, indexing the results, and providing an interface for users to search that index–are so firmly embedded in the internet user experience that we now simply take them for granted.


11.What Popular Computer Game Was Secretly Intended To Increase Mouse Proficiency?

Ans: Solitaire

● Microsoft was concerned that most people, unfamiliar with graphic user interfaces, would find using Windows intimidating and be off put by the mouse. Solitaire was selected because the majority of people already knew how to play it and playing the game in a virtual space required extensive use of the mouse to click, drag, and drop the playing cards. In essence, the game came bundled with Windows to trick users into logging a lot of time playing with the mouse (becoming comfortable with it in the process).


12.Which company is creating ‘Everykey,’ a thumbnail-sized gadget that can replace a password, logging you into websites, unlocking your phone, and even opening your digital door locks?



13.What are we talking about?

● It is the central part of an operating system. It manages the tasks of the computer and the hardware – most notably memory and CPU time. What are we talking about?



14.What are we talking about?

This innovation in Cricket Game was conceived by Bronte EcKermann, an Australian mechanical industrial designer, and created by South Australian manufacturer Zing International.

Ans: LED Stumps or Zing Wicket System in Cricket Game

● With conventional bails, it is difficult for the umpire to tell when the bail is ‘completely dislodged’. A bail is only ‘completely dislodged’ from a wicket when BOTH spigots have separated from their stump grooves. Low voltage batteries are incorporated in each of the bails and stumps. A microprocessor in each bail detects when BOTH spigots are dislodged from the stump grooves. The wickets come fitted with LED. The bails also have an in-built sensor than can determine if a wicket is broken, in just 1/1000th of a second. They are made of composite plastic and the LEDs glimmer at the slightest impact with the ball. The stumps and bails illuminate when dislodged. When the wicket is broken, the bails flash bright red LED light. Even if a wicket keeper makes a stumping, the lights flash. It helps the umpires to come up with correct decisions especially during close stumping and run-outs.


15.Expand MMID ?

MMID is a seven-digit random number issued by the bank upon registration. The Remitter (sender) and Beneficiary ( receiver) should have a MMID for doing this interbank fund transfer. What is MMID?

Ans:Mobile Money Identifier


16.Name the Element ?

Which non-metallic element’s name was coined in 1817 by British chemist Thomas Thomson for something that was obtained from a hard-grey rock called Flint?




Name the web browser ?

● Which web browser was developed by National Center for Supercomputing Applications in 1993 in USA and is credited for popularising World Wide Web?

Answer: Mosaic

Latest Information Technology Quiz Questions 2018


Identify the Logo ?

Answer Logitech



Identify the Logo ?

Ans: Tizen

● Tizen is an open source operating system based on the Linux kernel and the GNU C Library implementing the Linux API. It is controlled by Samsung and also backed by Intel, and works on a wide range of Samsung devices including smartphones, tablets, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) devices, smart TVs, PCs, smart cameras, wearable computing (such as smartwatches), Blu-ray players, printers and smart home appliances (such as refrigerators, lighting, washing machines, air conditioners, ovens/microwaves and a robotic vacuum cleaner. Tizen is a project within the Linux Foundation and is governed by a Technical Steering Group (TSG).

Latest Information Technology Quiz Questions 2018

QUESTION NO: 20 What is it called ?

It was created and called DIX as it was created by DEC, Intel and Xerox . What?

Answer Ethernet

● Over the summer of 1979, Metcalfe continued to shepherd the possibility of threeway cooperation among Xerox, DEC, and Intel to commercialize Ethernet. Finally, that fall, the three firms met at the Boxborough Sheraton, Boxborough, MA. Acknowledging Metcalfe’s essential role, they invited him to the pre-meeting dinner. The following day the technical teams of the three companies met without marketing people or Metcalfe. Slighted not in the least, Metcalfe turned his attention to how his fledgling 3Com could fund building products that would conform to the technical specifications he expected DEC, Intel and Xerox (DIX) to negotiate and then publish.



Match the companies with their Original Names

BACK RUB                                                                            MOTOROLA

RESEARCH IN MOTION                                                  GOOGLE


CONFINITY                                                                           BLACK BERRY


BACK RUB                                                                          GOOGLE

RESEARCH IN MOTION                                                BLACK BERRY


CONFINITY                                                                           PAYPAL



QUESTION NO: 22 Find the Term ?

This term is used to indicate a group of former PayPal employees and founders who have since founded and developed additional technology companies such as Tesla Motors, LinkedIn, Palantir Technologies, SpaceX, YouTube, Yelp, and Yammer. Most of the members attended Stanford University or University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign at some point in their studies. Five members, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman, Luke Nosek and Ken Howery have become billionaires.

Answer PayPal Mafia

● Originally, PayPal was a money-transfer service offered by a company called Confinity which was acquired by in 1999. Later was renamed PayPal and purchased by eBay in 2002. The original PayPal employees had difficulty adjusting to eBay’s more traditional corporate culture and within four years all but 12 of the first 50 employees had left.[5] They remained connected as social and business acquaintances, and a number of them worked together to form new companies in subsequent years. This group of PayPal



Name the Company ?

This company originated as a manufacturers of mechanical pencils but soon the company’s founder sold his patent and began manufacturing radios. Today, this company is an giant in the field of consumer electronics. Which company?


Latest Information Technology Quiz Questions 2018


What is X ?

The X Internet time is a system of time in which instead of hours and minutes, the 24 hours day is divided up into 1000 parts called “Beats”. Each beat has 1 minute and 26.4 seconds. The new time scale is called BMT where the HQ of this watch company is situated. This was created as a campaign for their beat range of watches. Find X ?


● Swatch Internet Time (or beat time) is a decimal time concept introduced in 1998 by the Swatch corporation as part of their marketing campaign for their line of “Beat” watches. ● Instead of hours and minutes, the mean solar day is divided into 1000 parts called “.beats”. Each .beat is equal to one decimal minute in the French Revolutionary decimal time system and lasts 1 minute and 26.4 seconds (86.4 seconds) in standard time. Times are notated as a 3-digit number out of 1000 after midnight. So, @248 would indicate a time 248 .beats



Name the Company

A pharmaceutical company is developing a glucose sensing contact lens that helps to monitor glucose levels continuously. Which company?

Answer Medella Health

● Not too much is known yet about Medella’s lens. The company says it will integrate a small sensor, a chip, and a micro-antenna and it will transmit glucose readings to a mobile device, enabling the user to track their glucose in near realtime. Their biggest claimed innovation is a sensor that will last up to a month,


Name the Company ?

Which company is designing a bacteria free smart phone for hospital workers since 20% to 30% of bacteria are transferred between a cell phone and a finger?

Answer Blackberry

Latest Information Technology Quiz Questions 2018


Name the Firm ?

The tanaka engineering works by Hisashige tanaka and Ichisuke Fujioka’s Shibaura engineering company merged to form which company that was initially called Tokyo Shibaura denki?

Answer Thoshiba



Name the Person ?

The fifth estate is a movie based on this Australian publisher and journalist who started hacking at the age of 16 using the name “Mendex”. Who?

Answer Julian Assange



Who is she ?

Discovery of the phenomenon named “Frequency Hopping” is a mile stone in the establishment of Cellular Mobile Networks.  The American lady scientist who filed patent for this was an Actress too .

Answer: Hedy Lammrr



X is in India

●  HQ of X is @ Navi Mumbai

● Managing director of X is Sanjay Malhothra

● Identity “X”

Answer: Relaince Jio


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