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!T QU!Z 53

                                                    Identify this Archer

!T QU!Z 50

                                               IDENTIFY THE LOGO Ans:WELL

!T QU!Z 49

                               CONNECT THESE A.                                                          B. C. D.                                                                                    

TCS IT WIZ Kochi Finals

                        Experience Anticipation 1. It was Originally developed by a guy named wes cherry .It remained a part of their offerings .What simple thing did gave the world of computing? Ans.Solitaire 2.It’s a region of memory which is called a whole data location while data is being moved from one location to another location. What… Read More »

!T QU!Z 48

                                        CONNECT THESE A. B.                                           D.                                                                       C. Ans:Android-Logo of Ascendeer corporation–they make the font for Android+HTC Dream–The first phone which used Android+Droid phone–Android uses the Droid font family created by ascendeer corporation+The robot named Android

!T QU!Z 47

                                  CONNECT THESE A. B.                                             D. C.                                                 Ans:Brain Virus-Basit&Amjad–creators of Brain virus+Brain–Name of the virus is Brain Virus+The Brain virus Attack.