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IT Mascots Quiz Questions and Answers 2021

  1. He was the former mascot for the Sony PlayStation in North America. He appeared in the consoles pre-launch ads commenting on various launch games                                 Ans) Polygon Man   mascots-quiz
  2.  He, also known as the Sony Cat, is a fictional character created by Sony Interactive Entertainment. He is an anthropomorphized cat who participates in numerous events and tries to act like a human.                                                                                      Ans) Toro tech-mascots-quiz
  3. He is the mascot of IRCTC, represented as a cartoon of an elephant holding a signal lamp with a green ring in one hand. It was initially designed for the Indian Railways’ 150th anniversary commemoration events and was unveiled on 16 April 2002 in Bangalore.                                                                                                                 Ans) Bholutech-mascots-quiz
  4. “Say hello to X, our official mascot! You would want to make him your friend as he plans to bring a lot of gifts in the coming days.” Vivo unveiled the launch of their official mascot with these words. Identify X                                                                             Ans) LittleV


it-mascotsAns) Ollie (mascot of OPPO)

6. mascots-quiz

Ans) Otosan (Mascot of Softbank)

7. mascots-of-companies

Ans) Craig The Brute (Mascot of XBOX) Inori Aizawa (mascot of Internet Explorer)

9. From his head to the toes he doesn’t have, he’s bright orange: Amazon Orange, or Pantone 1375C, to be exact. And he got his half-dimpled smile from the upturned arrow that has been part of the Amazon logo since 2000. He’s Amazon’s mascot and cultural

Ans) Peccy

10. information-technology-quiz

Ans) Liam (Yahoo’s mascot)


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