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!T QU!Z 49

                               CONNECT THESE A.                                                          B. C. D.                                                                                     Britto Sabu

TCS IT WIZ Kochi Finals

                        Experience Anticipation 1. It was Originally developed by a guy named wes cherry .It remained a part of their offerings .What simple thing did gave the world of computing? Ans.Solitaire 2.It’s a region of memory which is called a whole data location while data is being moved from one location to another location. What

TCS IT Wiz Kochi Prelim 2011

1. In 1999,“The old man and the sea” became the first movie of film in the world to appear in what format? A.IMAX 2.What stands for the last two “E” in the “IEEE”? A.Electronic Engeneering 3.In 1992,Bell south and a giant company came out with Simon,the first ever smart phone in the world.Who was the

!T QU!Z 48

                                        CONNECT THESE A. B.                                           D.                                                                       C. Ans:Android-Logo of Ascendeer corporation–they make the font for Android+HTC Dream–The first phone which used Android+Droid phone–Android uses the Droid font family created by ascendeer corporation+The robot named Android Britto Sabu

!T QU!Z 47

                                  CONNECT THESE A. B.                                             D. C.                                                 Ans:Brain Virus-Basit&Amjad–creators of Brain virus+Brain–Name of the virus is Brain Virus+The Brain virus Attack. Britto Sabu

!T QU!Z 46

                                     CONNECT THESE A.    B.                            D. C. Ans:CISCO-Padmasree Warrier CTO of Cisco+book cover of Golden Gate by Vikram Seth–Golden Gate is their logo+caption “Change the way we work,live,play and learn”–Cisco vision+Scientific Atlanta is Cisco company.                                                          Britto Sabu

!T QU!Z 45

                                    CONNECT THESE A. B.                                 C. D.                                                     Ans:AOL-You’ve  got mail–Product placement in the movie+Oscar award statue–OSCAR protocol is the instsnt messaging protocol used+Rainman movie poster–RAINMAN is the publishing platform from them+Bebo logo–Social networking site acquired in 2008. Britto Sabu

TCS IT Wiz Kolkata prelim 2011

1.With which company would you associate the Optimus range of smart phones? A.LG 2.Which Taiwaneesw multinational compay has recently started making mobile phones named Liquid and Stream? A.Acer 3.Identify the website that this man created? A.Linkedin(Reid Hoffman 4.This is an common error message in internet .Recently a south Indian movie was made with the same

!T QU!Z 44

B. A                                            CONNECT THESE                                                                                                                                         C.`                                               Ans:Toshiba-Vidya Balan brand ambassador+Toshiba partnered with the United Parcel Service(UPS) to design a better repair process+satelite is the name of their Laptops Britto Sabu