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                                                   CONNECT                                             answer added on 16/1/2012 Google Google Inc. Plus sign —> Google Plus + Nichrome wire —> Google Chrome + Its a Page—>Lary Page (sorry its not clear.But other clues are very useful) + Bell symbol —> Google Alerts

!T QU!Z 49

                               CONNECT THESE A.                                                          B. C. D.                                                                                    

!T QU!Z 48

                                        CONNECT THESE A. B.                                           D.                                                                       C. Ans:Android-Logo of Ascendeer corporation–they make the font for Android+HTC Dream–The first phone which used Android+Droid phone–Android uses the Droid font family created by ascendeer corporation+The robot named Android

!T QU!Z 47

                                  CONNECT THESE A. B.                                             D. C.                                                 Ans:Brain Virus-Basit&Amjad–creators of Brain virus+Brain–Name of the virus is Brain Virus+The Brain virus Attack.

!T QU!Z 46

                                     CONNECT THESE A.    B.                            D. C. Ans:CISCO-Padmasree Warrier CTO of Cisco+book cover of Golden Gate by Vikram Seth–Golden Gate is their logo+caption “Change the way we work,live,play and learn”–Cisco vision+Scientific Atlanta is Cisco company.                                                         

!T QU!Z 45

                                    CONNECT THESE A. B.                                 C. D.                                                     Ans:AOL-You’ve  got mail–Product placement in the movie+Oscar award statue–OSCAR protocol is the instsnt messaging protocol used+Rainman movie poster–RAINMAN is the publishing platform from them+Bebo logo–Social networking site acquired in 2008.

!T QU!Z 44

B. A                                            CONNECT THESE                                                                                                                                         C.`                                               Ans:Toshiba-Vidya Balan brand ambassador+Toshiba partnered with the United Parcel Service(UPS) to design a better repair process+satelite is the name of their Laptops

!T QU!Z 43

                        CONNECT THESE   a.                                                                                   b.  c.                                                                                         d.                                                                    Ans:XBOX… Read More »

!T QU!Z 42

                           CONNECT THESE a                                                            b c                                                                           d                                                                        Ans:(Vasudev and rao got it right)Microsoft-Surf Excel photo-Microsoft has Excel application+Sabeer Bhatia created hotmail acquired by Microsoft+MVP most valuable professional award given by Microsoft+Actimates set on interactive toysdeveloped by Microsoft.