TCS Round IT Quiz Questions about Tata Consultancy Services



Q: TCS is a tech partner to the world’s oldest marathon?
ans: Boston marathon
Q: With which state in India did TCS start a citizen
portal called ‘MahaOnline’?
ans: Maharashtra
Q: TCS is an official partner till 2012 for this a leading European pro-cycling team?
ans: Cervélo
Q: Expand TRDDC?
ans: Tata Research Development and Design Center
Q: According to the Bloomberg Top100 survey of IT companies, what is TCS’s global rank?
ans: Its rank is no. 5… in a list where IT giants like MS, Oracle, Google are listed
Q: In which platform, developed by TCS, can you find the “Broker Assistant Module”?
ans: BaNCS – A platform for banks, stock markets, insurance companies, etc. (it is developed in a partnership between SBI and TCS)
Q: Which person, listed as Asia’s most powerful businessman, finished his graduation from REC, Trichy and later joined TCS?
ans: N Chandrasekaran, CEO, TCS
Q: Who was the first Chairman of TCS when it was created?
ans: JRD Tata
Q: TCS has teamed up with which airlines?
ans: British Airways
Q: TCS in association with the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services had
developed TEWS. It is India’s first system for early warning of what?
ans: Tsunami. TEWS‐Tsunami Early Warning System
Q: With which Norwegian company does TCS have a partnership?
ans: Telenor
Q: TCS recently won the Pinnacle award. Which company sponsors it?
ans: SAP AG
Q: The Hua Xia Bank, China (HXB) and TCS won which award?
ans: Best Core Banking Project Implementation Award
Q: TCS recently got a SWAN project for which state? It is the largest SWAN project in any state so far by TCS.
ans: Andra Pradesh
Q: Maroclear has successfully implanted the TCS Bancs platform to modernize the capital of which country?
ans: Morrocco
Q: TCS AND which airlines have teamed up to provide solutions for the MRO Industry?
ans: British Airways
Q:X succeeded Y who was preceded by Z. If X is N. Chandrashekhar and Y is S. Ramadorai who is Z?
ans: F.C. Kohli
Q: TCS has announced a joint venture with Supervalu. Supervalu belongs to which category of industries?
ans: Retail


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