Earn Money by Contributing IT Quiz Questions for our upcoming Android App


I’m happy to announce that the technical side of the Android application of ITQuiz.in is ready and we are working on the content side . Now you can earn by contributing IT Quiz Questions to our upcoming Android app. We are paying 75Rs/100 Questions. And payment is via Paytm/UPI. And questions should be strictly in Excel format that we provide.

How to submit the questions?

Download the excel schema to fill Questions from this link. Once you download the scheme you have to fill questions in that excel sheet and you can mail me back at [email protected] Don’t forget to mention your payment details while sending questions.

  • The questions should be category based, you can choose from any of the below available category and start making questions.
  • The excel sheet should have 4 options and a correct answer for every questions. And should not contain any blank space after question or answers in a cell.
  • Minimum of 100 Questions should be there if you’re mailing me, and the payout is Rs 75/100 questions.
  • We don’t need too big questions. You can make the number of words in questions short as possible since we need it for our upcoming android app.

Click here to Download the schema of Excel to create questions.

Available Categories to submit Questions.

You can select any of the below category and start making questions, and it should strictly be questions from that category only. PLEASE DO NOT MIX DIFFERENT CATEGORY QUESTIONS IN A SINGLE SHEET.

  • IT Books Quiz
  • IT Company Quiz
  • IT Current Affairs Quiz
  • Expand IT Quiz
  • Open Source IT Quiz
  • IT Person Quiz
  • IT Gadget Quiz
  • Women in IT Quiz
  • Digital India IT Quiz
  • Computer Science Quiz
  • Code names & Standards in IT Quiz

How will I get paid?

You’ll be paid via Paytm/UPI or the details that you mention while sending the questions.

You’ll be paid only after manually reviewing your questions and standard of questions within 3-7 days.

We pay 75 Rs/100 Questions and the more questions you submit the more you earn.

Mailing address – [email protected]

Disclaimer: All the questions that you submit belongs to ITQuiz.in and we deserve the rights to re-use it on our website or Android App or any other portal.

Still have any questions? ask me [email protected]

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