Information Security Quiz Questions and answers 2017 InfoSec Quiz

Information Security Quiz Questions and answers 2017

1.How does a Le-Hard virus come into existence?


2.What is ransomware based on?

Ans:Fear of losing importance files

3.A malicious code that combines charecteristics of both those types of malwares,typically the virus ability to alter program code with the worm’s ability to reisde in live memory and to propagate without any action on the part of the user

Ans:hybrid virus/worm

4.__________ major Ransomware Trojan targeting windows in 2014 ?

Ans: Cryptowall

5.________ is a term applied to unwanted applications or files that are not classified as malware, but can worsen the performance of computers and may cause security risks


6.What is the name of the viruses that fool a user into downloading and/or executing them by pretending to be useful applications?

Ans:Trojan Horse

7.A collection of zombies is known as:

Ans: Botnet

8.What is the name of first boot sector  virus?

Ans: Brain Virus

9.What is the name of first computer virus?

Ans: Creeper

10.Phishing by text message is called ________?

Ans: Smishing

11.When one participant in a communication pretends to be someone else, it is called _________?


12._________ propagated via infected email attachments,and via an existing botnet; when activated, the malware encypts certain types of files stored on local and mounted network

Ans: CryptoLocker

Information Security Quiz Questions and answers 2017

13.Identify this logo

Ans: Information Security Education and Awareness

14._________ is a trojan horse that allows an attacker to log in as any user on the compromised computer without the correct password


15._________ is a term used to describe a phishing attack that is specifically aimed at wealthy, powerful, or prominent individuals. Generally CEO’s and important celebrities

Ans:Whale phishing

16. X is a computer virus that made its appearance on March 26th, 1999 in the United States.causing damage of more than 80 million dollars to American companies. Companies like Microsoft, Intel and Lucent Technologies had to block their Internet connections due to its action.

When opening a file infected with the ‘Melissa’, the virus generates an e-mail with the below template

  • Subject: Important Message From “sender name”
  • Text: Here is that document you asked for … do not show anyone else ?
  • Attachments: a file with a DOC.

Name the virus?

Ans: Melissa

17._______ is a ransomware malware delivered by email that was allegedly an invoice requiring payment with an attached Microsoft word document that contains malicious macros?


18._____ is a trojan that targets Microsoft Windows to steal banking information by keystroke logging?


19. Name the mobile security application developed by the C-DAC


20.The Government of India has launched a new desktop and mobile security solution named _________, through its Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-in).

Ans:Cyber Swachhta Kendra

21.Identify the logo


22. TLS is a protocol that provides added security to two communicating devices, TLS is evolved from SSL.

Expand TLS?

Ans: Transport Layer Security

23.The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Protocol was adopted by ________ in 1994 which is an important protocol for secure communication between two devices.

Ans: Netscape


24. _______ is a free Security Tool to control usage of removable USB storage media launched by the C-DAC

Ans: USB Pratirodh

25._________ is a nation-wide initiative, supported by DEIT and executed by C-DAC, Hyderabad. InDG facilitates rural empowerment through provision of credible information products and services in local languages that respond to the real and strategic needs of the unreached especially women and poor.

Ans:India Development Gateway (InDG)







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