1. What post does Chris Beard hold in Mozilla Labs?
2. In what way is the contribution of Armas Clifford “Mike” Markkula Jr. important in the history of Apple?
3. Name the Toronto-based company that won a permanent injunction that prohibited Microsoft from selling or importing to the US any Microsoft Word products that have the capability of opening .XML, .DOCX or DOCM files (XML files) containing custom XML?
4. One more on MS. Which product while being tested internally was codenamed Kumo?
5. Connect Uncia uncia (or Panthera uncial) to Mac OS X 10.6?
6. What is Google Caffeine?
7. Who is the largest shareholder in Lenovo with about 27.17 per cent?
8. Which was the first text in the ambitious Project Gutenberg launched in 1971?
9. How did Jeremy Jaynes and his sister Jessica DeGroot achieve infamy in 2005?
10. Name the not-much-heard-of scientist, an early discoverer of electromagnetism, whose birthday was doodled by Google on August 14.
1. Chief Innovation Officer.
2. He is the American entrepreneur and an angel investor who provided early critical funding for Apple.
3. i4i.
4. Bing.
5. The scientific name for snow leopard is Uncia uncia and snow leopard is the codename for Apple’s latest OS.
6. It’s a new next-generation architecture for Google’s Web search.
7. Chinese Academy of Sciences, a government agency.
8. The US Declaration of Independence.
9. They were the first to be convicted for spam. Jeremy was sentenced to nine years in prison while Jessica was fined $7,500.
10. Hans Christian Ørsted.
1. What first did a natural-language-interface program called Swift-Answer achieve in 1981?
2. Name the video compression company acquired by Google recently for $106.5 million.
3. Name the former two codenames of the upcoming Windows 7.
4. Expand BBeB as used in the proprietary eBook file format developed by Sony.
5. What has been launched by China as a challenge to the Blu-ray DVD market?
6. How did Pencil Sketch, Transparent Dots, Legal Pad, Star Gazing, among 29 others, make news recently?
7. The “lightweight, easy-to-install and easy-to-change ‘skins’ for your Firefox web browser” are called..?
8. Which cyber-major recently teamed up with GridRepublic to launch a Facebook application that allows spare processing power in a PC to be used to fight diseases and study climate change? 31
Study Material @ TCS IT Wiz – By Srijit B.
9. Which EPL player was recently fined by his club for venting his anger at the club owner by using Twitter?
10. The open-source counterpart to the Google Chrome Web browser is called…?
1. It was the first computer software program to receive US patent.
2. On2 Technologies
3. Blackcomb and Vienna
4. Broad Band eBook
5. China Blue High-definition Disc (CBHD)
6. They are among the gallery of new themes for Google Chrome
7. Personas
8. Intel
9. Darren Bent (of Tottenham Hotspur)
10. Chromium
1. Globalfoundries, a contract chip manufacturer, was spun off from which chip-major last year?
2. Stephane Panier is the new president of which AOL-owned social network?
3. Who operates the generic top-level domains for .com and .net?
4. What is the next release of Ubuntu, planned for October 2009, codenamed?
5. Whose tagline is ‘It’s a Trust Thing’?
6. Name Samsung Electronics’ new e-book reader launched recently and what was it codenamed?
7. Which cyber-major introduced a short-lived Internet suite named ‘Cyberdog’ in mid 1990s?
8. As per the deal struck with Microsoft recently, how much per cent of search revenue created by its sites during the first five years will Yahoo get?
9. Who is to launch to launch Europe’s first 3D TV channel offering movies, entertainment and sports programming in the UK next year?
10. The first virtual universe with a real cash economy is…?
1. Advanced Micro Devices
2. Bebo
3. VeriSign Inc
4. Karmic Koala
5. Thawte Consulting, the certificate authority for X.509 certificates
6. SNE-50K and Papyrus
7. Apple
8. 88 per cent
9. BSkyB
10. Entropia Universe
Study Material @ TCS IT Wiz – By Srijit B.
1. Which telecommunications giant has picked up the wireless assets of bankrupt Nortel Networks for $1.13 billion?
2. In the context of 4G wireless technology, expand LTE.
3. In the context of Google, what is commonly called ‘Omaha’?
4. According to YouTube watchers, what is the number of YouTube video views per day: 403 million, 817 million or 1.2 billion?
5. Which cyber-giant has agreed to acquire the popular Xoopit?
6. Who has announced two open-source initiatives — Open Source Media Framework (to create sophisticated media players to run flash presentations) and Text Layout Framework (to help developers add advanced typography and font layouts to flash apps)?
7. Scott Thompson is the CEO of…?
8. Which browser-maker’s proprietary Web server service is called Unite?
9. What is the significance of the San Francisco Metreon mall in the Microsoft timeline?
10. Which online vendor’s shoe and handbag retail site is called
1. Ericsson
2. Long Term Evolution.
3. Google Update, the software installer and auto-updater for Windows.
4. 1.2 billion!
5. Yahoo!
6. Adobe
7. PayPal
8. Opera
9. It had the only Microsoft retail outlet to date, which closed in November 2001.
10. Amazon
1. Bill Gates has decided to put on Web for free the lectures of which Nobel Prize winning physicist?
2. Who is the author of the newly released book “The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal”?
3. One more on Facebook. Name the Russian investment firm that put in $200 million into the social network some months ago.
4. Swedish software company Global Gaming is planning to shell out $7.8 million for which file-sharing company?
5. What is the claim to fame of ‘Ami’ introduced by Samna, an Atlanta-based software company in 1988?
6. The Chief Software Architect at Microsoft is…?
7. RedShift, a techno-economic theory, was proposed and named by which cyber-giant’s CTO?
8. Who makes the Inferno OS?
9. Amazon recently recalled two Kindle e-books, leading to an outcry, because the publisher lacked the rights to the book by which author?
10. Who is developing the Theora open video codec as part of its Ogg project? 33
Study Material @ TCS IT Wiz – By Srijit B.
1. Richard Feynman.
2. Ben Mezrich.
3. Digital Sky Technologies.
4. The Pirate Bay.
5. It is considered the first major Windows-based word processor on the market.
6. Ray Ozzie.
7. Sun Microsystem’s Greg Papadopoulos.
8. Bell Labs.
9. George Orwell.
10. Foundation.
1. Name the Indian, vice-president of product management, who broke the news about the upcoming Chrome OS on the Google blog recently.
2. According to Akamai’s latest ‘State of the Internet’ report, which Asian country has the distinction of having the highest average connection speed, at 11 Mbps, in the world?
3. Continuing on the above report, which two countries were the two largest attack traffic sources, accounting for nearly 50 per cent of observed malicious traffic?
4. With whom is Sony partnering for movie streaming to Bravia TVs?
5. The open source project led by Novell to create an Ecma standard compliant, .NET-compatible set of tools is called…?
6. Expand SaaS as used in the context of software delivery method.
7. What is ‘Moonlight’?
8. Which free open source web browser, based on Internet Explorer’s core, has the official site
9. In the context of e-mail marketing, what is A/B Split?
10. Which market leader in its field of activity has the tagline ‘Confidence in a connected world’ to highlight its mission?
1. Sundar Pichai.
2. South Korea.
3. China and the US.
4. Netflix
5. Mono
6. Short for Software as a Service.
7. It’s a free and open-source implementation of the Silverlight web application framework.
8. GreenBrowser.
9. It’s a marketing test method where an e-mail subscriber list is split into two groups and every other name in the list is sent an e-mail message and vice versa.
10. Symantec
Study Material @ TCS IT Wiz – By Srijit B.
1. Expand VAIO as in the name for the sub-brand for many of Sony’s computer products.
2. If it is InPrivate for IE and Incognito for Chrome, what is it for Firefox?
3. The domain name used to be the free e-mail service offered for fans of which lovable comic book character before its acquisition by Google?
4. What is the claim to ‘infamy’ of George Hotz in the world of telephony?
5. What is the @font-face found in the new Firefox 3.5?
6. Which new Web site brands itself as ‘the definitive source for Athletes First-Person Communication’?
7. Name the founder of Netscape and co-founder of Opsware who has launched a new venture fund along with Ben Horowitz, also a co-founder of Opsware.
8. Which company, now part of the massive Google empire, was founded by Scott Petry in 1999?
9. What is the Google Podium?
10. After which famous scientist is the in-the-works European civilian rival to the US military’s GPS system called?
1. Video Audio Integrated Operation.
2. Private Browsing.
3. Garfield
4. He was the teenage hacker who originally unlocked the iPhone.
5. It is a CSS rule that allows Web designers to reference fonts not installed on end-user machines.
6. Jockipedia, an encyclopaedia for musing from famous sportspersons.
7. Marc Andreessen.
8. Postini
9. It is the Google site where one can find a selection of public presentations made by Google executives.
10. Galileo
1. The second T-Mobile Google Android device, after the G1, is called…?
2. If the second and third are Jaguar and JUGENE, then what is still No.1?
3. With which software legend does one associate Vulcan Ventures?
4. What is the Linpack Benchmark?
5. Which online giant is behind the concept of ‘Do Stuff For Money’ , a fun way to get someone to do things for money?
6. Which legendary hacker was once called ‘computer terrorist’ after making the FBI go on a three-year manhunt for stealing software at Sun, Novell, and Motorola?
7. Which much loved and desired online company recently developed an HR algorithm to assess the number of employees likely to leave the company and how to make the best stay on?
8. Siblings Lars and Jens Rasmussen are the brains behind which of Google’s new offering?
9. Which company is the only one with a two-letter symbol on the Nasdaq-100 Index? 35
Study Material @ TCS IT Wiz – By Srijit B.
10. Global Language Monitor has claimed that the millionth Englishword/term is…?
1. myTouch
2. Roadrunner. They are the world’s fastest supercomputers.
3. Paul Allen.
4. It is a measure of a computer’s floating-point rate of execution which is determined by running a program that solves a dense system of linear equations.
5. PayPal
6. Kevin Mitnick.
7. Google!
8. Google Wave.
9. Computer Associates or CA, Inc. The symbol is CA.
10. Web 2.0.
1. Simple way to start. For how much did Oracle get Sun?
2. Name the popular hand-held game created by Gunpei Yokoi, a Nintendo employee, that celebrated its 20th birthday on April 21.
3. Name the MySpace CEO and co-founder who is stepping down from his post.
4. Tim Cook is the COO of…?
5. Name the controversial game, which Apple recently removed from theApp Store, where the user is invited to silence a baby’s cries by violently shaking an iPhone.
6. About what recent verdict did ex-Beatle Paul McCartney say “If you get on a bus you’ve got to pay. And I think it’s fair, you should pay your ticket?”
7. Which is the country, outside of the US, to have most students involved in this year’s Google’s global program ‘Summer of Code’?
8. The OLPC laptop has decided to drop the AMD Geode processor for which chip?
9. The Google Labs ‘web application that organises search results chronologically’ is called…?
10. Which globally famous TV host’s inaugural tweet (in all caps that was pointed out by basketball great Shaquille O’Neal) was ‘Hi Twitters. Thank you for a warm welcome. Feeling really 21st century.’
1. $7.4 billion.
2. Game Boy.
3. Chris DeWolfe.
4. Apple
5. Baby Shaker.
6. The Pirate Bay judgment.
7. India!
8. Via C7-M.
9. Google News Timeline.
10. Oprah Winfrey.
Study Material @ TCS IT Wiz – By Srijit B.
1. If it is AMPAS for Oscars, who is it for the Webbys?
2. Which company that provides tools for identifying digital media was acquired by Sony early last year for $260 million?
3. According to a recent The Wall Street Journal report, which high-profile cyber-czar had a liver transplant two months ago?
4. What is MovieIQ?
5. Which ‘Friends’ TV series star is also a star, co-writer, and co-producer of ‘Web Therapy’ on
6. Who made this statement and when: “Free… open… Keep one web”?
7. The first processor Nvidia has built for power-frugal handheld devices is called…?
8. Why did Apple pay at least $1 million to one Michael Kovatch?
9. The original specifications for what was developed in 1994 by Jaap Haartsen and Sven Mattisson?
10. What has the Chinese version of Bing been named as because Bing could mean ‘to be ill’, ice, soldier and pancake depending on the tone and character associated with it?
1. IADAS (International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences)
2. Gracenote
3. Steve Jobs.
4. To be part of all new Sony Pictures Blu-ray discs, it’s a service that grabs data similar to one on IMDB from the Internet to show during playback .
5. Lisa Kudrow.
6. Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s acceptance speech for ‘Webby Lifetime Achievement’ Award.
7. Tegra
8. For transferring the domain name.
9. Bluetooth
10. ‘Biying’ (which means ‘must respond/answer’).



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