IT quiz questions


IT quiz questions
1. Which cyber-giant recently bought Palm, the PDA and smartphone pioneer, and for how much?
2. Who/what was referred to as ‘Appholes’ by newscaster Jon Stewart in his popular Comedy Central show recently?
3. Kevin Lynch is the CTO of…?
4. Expand WHATWG, the community involved in the development of HTML5.
5. Who leads Greenpeace’s latest annual ‘Cool IT Leaderboard’, the environmental agency’s ranking of computing vendors’ activity on climate change?
6. Engineers at which pioneering tech company recently used atoms to create a 3D map of the globe? 10
Study Material @ TCS IT Wiz – By Srijit B.
7. The now defunct Microsoft’s awards program where chosen members were given the benefit of new Windows Live products/software to test before the beta releases was called…?
8. Which Oscar-winning director is helping NASA develop a high-resolution 3D camera for Curiosity, the next Mars rover?
9. Name the Indian VC, founder of Sustainable Innovations, who has won the prestigious $1,00,000 Lemelson-MIT Award for Sustainability for his ‘Aakash Ganga’ rain-harvesting system and ‘Arogya Ghar’ health clinic for mass care.
10. In its latest report, covering the first quarter of 2010 by security vendor Sophos, which two Asian countries are in the leading quartet which accounted for more than 30 per cent of spam relayed by hacked computers worldwide?
1. Hewlett-Packard for $1.2 billion.
2. Apple after its decision to take on Gizmodo editor Jason Chen for the lost iPhone prototype incident.
3. Adobe
4. Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group
5. Cisco
6. IBM
7. Windows Live Butterfly programme.
8. James Cameron.
9. B.P. Agarwal.
10. India (No. 2) and South Korea, along with the US (No.1) and Brazil.
1. The office of which technology weblog about consumer electronics was searched because it came in possession of what it believed to be a 4th generation iPhone prototype?
2. In which Indian city did game developer Zynga open the company’s first office outside the US?
3. Which was the first major computer maker to eliminate the floppy completely, way back in 1998?
4. Android’s next iteration is called….?
5. Which recent hit blockbuster recently became the best selling Blu-ray of all time after just four days in stores?
6. ‘Vail’ is the Microsoft codename for….?
7. What was founded in July 2007 by Mark Pincus, Michael Luxton, Eric Schiermeyer, Justin Waldron, Andrew Trader, and Steve Schoettler?
8. Which online legend launched ‘Civil Beat’, a new online site where people can read and discuss local news, in Hawaii (for now) recently?
9. What did Guinness World Records confirm recently as the most successful entertainment launch of all time?
10. Which two entities have teamed up to launch an online document-sharing service called ‘’?
1. Gizmodo
2. Bangalore
3. Apple
4. Froyo
5. Avatar
6. Its next version of Windows Home Server.
7. Zynga
8. eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.
9. The game ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2′.
10. Facebook and Microsoft.
1. After whom is the international day of blogging to celebrate the achievements of women in technology and science named?
2. What is so special about
3. In the context of our country and Yahoo!, why is June 29, 2000 an important date?
4. Name the longtime Digg CEO who is stepping down.
5. According to research by professors at the La Sapienza in Rome, the formula for what can be represented as “estimate of time (log v/phi X log squared 1/phi)” where ‘v’ stands for number of vertices of communication and ‘phi’ stands for conductance.
6. Name the creator of the Altair 8800 computer, which helped inspire Bill Gates and Paul Allen to start Microsoft. He died recently.
7. What is common to GMail, Yahoo Sideline and Scribd’s ‘Paper to iPaper’ as regards their introduction?
8. If Ubuntu 10.04 was ‘Lucid Lynx’, what has 10.10 been dubbed as?
9. What is the codename for the planned smartphone by Microsoft and Verizon to compete with the Apple iPhone?
10. What happened to GMail on April 1 @ 6:01 am Pacific Time?
1. Ada Lovelace. It was observed on March 24.
2. It is considered the most expensive domain name having been reportedly sold to QuinStreet for $16 million in 2009.
3. Yahoo! India was launched.
4. Jay Adelson.
5. How celebrity gossip spreads on the Internet!
6. Ed Roberts.
7. They were launched on April 1.
8. ‘Maverick Meerkat’.
9. Pink
10. There was a ‘vowel outage’ and only consonants were displayed. It was an April Fool’s Day prank
1. On March 15, the silver jubilee of the first .com web domain name was celebrated. What was it? 2. Name the entertainer whose music videos have cumulatively carried her beyond the 1 billion online-views threshold, a first for a crooner.
3. If Apple can use the name iPhone for its smartphone, for what can Cisco use the same name?
4. In a big leap forward, how many cores will the AMD Opteron 6100 series processors soon have?
5. According to recent deposition by its CEO Eric Schmidt, how much premium did Google pay for YouTube?
6. According to the International Telecommunication Union, what is defined as “transmission capacity that is faster than primary rate Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) at 1.5 or 2.0 Megabits per second (Mbits)”?
7. What is the claim to fame of the Cray XT5-HE Opteron Six Core 2.6 GHz also called the ‘Jaguar’?
8. Which Indian State is ‘numero uno’ as regards the telephone subscriber base data?
9. With whom has Google teamed up to bring the Web into the living room through a new generation of televisions and set-top boxes called Google TV?
10. Which very popular, free web-based, collaborative, multilingual project is readying for its first major UI overhaul by adopting a new theme called ‘Vector’?
2. Lady Gaga.
3. Its VoIP phone.
4. 12 and 8 cores.
5. $ 1 billion
6. Broadband
7. It is the fastest Supercomputer in existence.
8. Maharashtra
9. Intel and Sony.
10. Wikipedia
1. What is ‘RE<C’?
2. Name the Twitter style version of Wikipedia that gives definitions in under ten words with a touch of humour. For example, Google is ‘The Centre of the Internet. They can find you anything’.
3. In Net lingo, who or what are ‘MUD flaps’?
4. Which cyber major sponsors ‘Project Looking Glass’, a free software project under the GPL to create an innovative 3D desktop environment for Linux, Solaris, and Windows?
5. Whose first venture into the PC-manufacturing business is the Booklet 3G netbook?
6. Jay Adelson is the CEO of which popular headline aggregation system? 13
Study Material @ TCS IT Wiz – By Srijit B.
7. Who makes the PlaySport Video Camera, capable of shooting full 1080p HD even underwater?
8. Haitian Creole was the latest to be added to this Google offering of which there were 51 before. What is it?
9. Which Nobel Laureate started tweeting from late February after meeting President Obama and on a suggestion by Twitter founder Evan Williams?
10. On which day in March is ‘World Day Against Cyber Censorship’ observed?
1.’s project to produce renewable energy at a profit from wind and solar sources, particularly solar thermal energy.
2. Ten Word Wiki.
3. The extra flab that accumulates due to playing online multi-user dungeons (MUDs) for extended periods of time without much physical activity.
4. Sun Microsystems.
5. Nokia
6. Digg
7. Kodak
8. Languages in Google Translate.
9. The Dalai Lama.
10. March 12.
1. What is Sony PlayStation’s recently unveiled motion-sensitive controller called?
2. For what reason was the Apple COO Tim Cook rewarded with a one-time $5-million bonus recently?
3. What is the ‘Streak’?
4. If it is iTunes for Apple, for whom is it Qriocity (pronounced “curiosity”)?
5. Streaming-video service Vudu will soon be a service of the world’s largest retailer. Name the latter.
6. ‘Let’s Do Amazing’ is the new tagline of…?
7. Which ‘cult’ band recently won a court battle against EMI that may force the latter to stop selling the band’s individual songs as downloads?
8. Dr. Hank Chien, a 35-year-old plastic surgeon from New York, has set a new record high score of 1,061,700 in playing which iconic game?
9. Which online poster-boy has become the world’s youngest billionaire, as per Forbes magazine’s recent list, with a fortune of $4 billion?
10. Which spaceman sold Thawte Consulting to VeriSign for $575 million in 2000?
1. Move
2. As a ‘reward’ for taking over while Steve Jobs was on medical leave from January to June 2009.
3. Dell’s forthcoming touch-screen tablet.
4. Sony. It is its new digital download service.
5. Wal-Mart
6. Hewlett-Packard.
7. Pink Floyd.
8. Donkey Kong.
9. Mark Zuckerberg.
10. Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu fame.
1. Recently the mayor Bill Bunten of the capital city of Kansas decided that the city should ‘be known for the month of March as “Google, Kansas, the capital city of fibre optics.” Name the city.
2. Name the three Indian companies in Nasdaq’s list of international companies.
3. Name the Indian who is the new SVP of Yahoo! Search Products.
4. The first twitter-only mobile device is called…?
5. According to a report from the International Telecommunications Union, what percentage of people on Earth were cell-phone subscribers as of end 2009?
6. Who makes the UX-3 Personal Mobility Device?
7. Which online giant runs the ‘Purple Acts of Kindness’ monthly programme that offers unexpected generous acts to better the community?
8. Which semiconductor design and manufacturing company was founded by T.J. Rodgers?
9. Who has launched a new app called ‘Gesture Search’?
10. According to a recent Fortune magazine ranking for most admired companies, which company leads, according to its peers, in the computer software category?
1. Topeka
2. Infosys Technologies, India and Sify Technologies.
3. Shashi Seth.
4. TwitterPeek.
5. 67 per cent (about 4.6 billion subscribers).
6. Honda
7. Yahoo!
8. Cypress Semiconductor.
9. Google for its Android phones. It lets the users search with finger-drawn letters.
10. Adobe Systems.


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