Palakkad District IT Quiz 2017 Questions and answers


Palakkad District IT Quiz 2017 Questions and answers

Thanks to Amit for sharing the questions of Palakkad District IT Quiz 2017 which was held at Ottappalam

Questions and answers of Palakkad District HSS IT Quiz 2017

1.Identify the logo


2.Identify this logo


3.Identify this logo

Ans: Creative Commons

4.Identify this linux distribution


Ans: Kali Linux

Palakkad District IT Quiz 2017

5. Identify this logo

Ans: Uber

6.Identify the personality

Ans: Dennis Ritchie

7.Identify him

Ans: Sam Pitroda

8. Rasmus Lerdorf is the creator of which very famous scripting language?

Ans: PHP

9.Identify this brand ambassador of Digital India

Ans: Kriti Tiwari

10.Identify both of them

Ans: Bill Gates and Paul Allen

11.Which company is known as Big Blue?

Ans: IBM

12Where was the an Artificial Intelligence minister appointed for the first time?

Ans: UAE

Palakkad District IT Quiz 2017

13.Name the cyber security conference held by Kerala Police?


14.Which was the movie that portayed the life of Mark Zuckerberg?

Ans: The Social Network

15.Expand BLOB related to database?

Ans: Binary Large Object

16.Which is the mobile wallet of SBI?

Ans: Buddy

17.Twitter has recently revised the size of a tweet from ____ to _____?

Ans:140 to 280

18.What is the optical fibre submarine communications cable system through Asia,Middle East,Europe?

Ans: Sea-me-we

19.KELTRON has started an e-commerce website recently, What’s the name of the e-commerce portal by KELTRON?

Ans: KeleBuy

20. Which is the application that describes the history of Indian IT?

Ans: Ithihaasa

Check your current affairs knowledge on Information Technology.

ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd is the parent company of?


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