TCS IT Wiz Ahmedabad 2017 Prelims Questions and answers


TCS IT Wiz Ahmedabad 2017 Prelims Questions and answers

This is the set of questions made from the live telecast of TCS IT Wiz Ahmedabad 2017

1.Which is the First social network for startups created by Jatin and Kunal and Ahmedabad ?

Ans: eChai Ventures

  1. What is the Amazon Echo Killer from Google named?

Ans: Google Home

3.Which is the most secure messaging app introduced by Edward Snowden?


  1. A Question related to the starting of github

5.Howmany languages are supported on Wikipedia?

Ans: 296

6.Which is the music streaming app created by Rishi and Vinod?

Ans: Saavn

7.What was Google’s first Tweet?

Ans: I’m feeling lucky (in binary)

  1. What is known as Best Resolution Audio Video Integrated Architecture?


  1. Sense and Simplicity is the tagline of?

Ans: Philips

  1. A question on LLYOD Electric

11.What is the significance of this photo?

Ans: First ever Photograph on the Internet

  1. Stoppleman and Simmons created what in the field of IT?

Ans: Yelp

TCS IT Wiz Ahmedabad 2017 Questions

13.What is the new name of Web Ratna award?

Ans:Digital India award

14.Adidas created a fitness application called?

Ans: Runtastic

  1. A question on Grace Murray Hopper

16.Davis,Mingus,Strayhorn,Duke,Ella,Getz,Dexter…. are

Ans: Codenames of WordPress

17.Who is that famous Alumni of NIT Trichy and IIM Ahmedabad ?

Ans:Rajesh Gopinathan (CEO OF TCS)

18.What is depicted on this image?

Ans:Snapbot from Snapchat

1.Who wrote the book " The Road Ahead" ?

The cut off for the finals of TCS IT Wiz Ahmedabad 2017 was 14

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