TCS IT Wiz National Finals 2017 Questions & Answers

TCS IT Wiz National Finals 2017 Questions & Answers

Round 1 – Automation 

1. Who in the modern world are called Keyboard warriors?
Answer: Promoting a brand though arguments on Internet.

2. Rod Baber 12:52 a.m. GMT 21st May 2007 “, texted one small text for man one giant leap for mobile kind”- thanks Motorola
inspired text what’s the significance of this message

Answer: This was a text from Mount Everest, and this is considered to be the message from highest altitude.

3. Tim Kosse, 2001, open source FTP client
It was started as a computer science class project he decided to make software and open source because such tools were available and he didn’t think that he would sell a single copy if he made it commercial today it’s among the world’s top six seven the numbers keep fluctuating downloaded software for all time last seen more than five hundred million downloads what are we talking about ?
Answer: Filezilla

4. It comes the company was originally created as neutral global distribution system which is GDS by Air France Iberia Lufthansa and SAS 1987 it was the European alternative to Sabre what am I describing.
Answer: Amadeus

5.Whose initiative is this (A video based question)
reduce font size by one before you print

6.Joy generator is an Australian chocolate brand they’ve created a vending machine joy generator is the machine which dispenses flavours based on what?
Answer: It analyses your likes on social media and gives you flavours based on your taste.

Round 2- Contextual Knowledge of TCS IT Wiz National Finals 2017

1. This is Stanley Kubrick the director of the MOOC 2001 a Space Odyssey now what’s this letter all about ?


Answer: IBM, the code word for IBM was HAL just one letter shift on IBM will give you HAL

2. who’s acceptance speech was this that’s
An acceptance speech of a webby award

Answer: Steve Wilhite

3. what is this from the world of attack vectors


Answer :Blueborne attack

4. Identify an important word in the world knowledge


5. who is this

Answer: Jonathan Nolan

6. The evolution of a circle, to create a circle this is the map that got created what is this


Answer: Apple park the new headquarters of Apple

Round 3 @ TCS Round of TCS IT Wiz National Finals 2017



Ans: TCS support for Cornell University with $50Mn for a TCS Innovation Centre.



Ans: Singapore Management University has invested dollar 1.5 million have renewed the partnership SMU TCS ICT lab

3. what is this award

Answer: Stevie’s award

4. Identify a car maker


Answer: Rolls Royce

Round 4 – Machine Learning of TCS IT Wiz National Finals 2017 


Answer: IBM

Answer – Alan Turing

Answer – Vinod Dham


Answer – Broadcom


Answer: Rovio


Answer: Record holder for the fastest typist and that’s a monument which dedicates to a keyboard.


Answer : Charles Babbage

Congrats Winners & all participants of TCS IT Wiz 2017 National Finals

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