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Information Technology Quiz Questions and answers created by Nandu Lal from Wayanad

Subject : Windows evolution

1.There was a situation which ,only experts/professionals/techies can operate computers that contains CUI ( character user interface) , CUI based Computer OS ‘s like DOS were controlled through keyboards.
Microsoft released Windows 1.0 on 1985 with GUI (Graphical user interface) that can be controlled by mouse.Microsoft also included a game with windows 1.0 to familiarize this GUI and the new input method with mouse. What is the name of the Game included with Windows 1.0 ?

2. In the most beginning computing was a boon for those who are engaged in data entering,accountancy, graphical editors .etc Now also most computational processing are done for DTP works and so. Fonts are the represent s of our digital world . early days ” type-1″ Fonts from Adobe was used widely but they were very weak while zooming the text ,so Microsoft developed “true-type” Fonts and added to their Windows 3.1 update. One another tech giant also joined Microsoft to developed True-type fonts. Which is the company ?
Ans: Apple computers

3. Microsoft had played a lot of hide and seek with its “Start button”.
” Start button “was vanished from Windows 8 and it leaded Microsoft to a big problem of dis-support from users and lot of us disagreed for an updating. Microsoft called back its ” Start button” on Windows 10.
But, from  which version of windows, Microsoft introduced “Start button” ?
Ans: Windows 95 (internet explorer had also introduced with it)

4.Windows ME was a Millennium Edition , Released on 2000 September. It included Internet Explorer 5.5, Windows Media Player 7, and the new Windows Movie Maker software .it gained popularity amoung the home users. A window version which is released on the same year is also very famous among a group of peoples .name it ?

Ans:windows 2000. its a server manegment OS,which is used world wide (it lastes now too!!) had made a revolution in computer science and paved many stone. Each windows updates were a very advanced,innovative and marvelous .the first 32 bit OS was windows 95.which was the first 64 bit  OS ?
Ans: windows eXPerience(XP)

6. XP was our most favorite and most of us and our parents stepped to the computer world through XP. After the big-bang of XPs victory ,Microsoft released another OS (after 5 years) with a lot of dreams and has the support of 18 Indian languages,new aeroUI,windows mail,family safety,photo gallery,gaming control,shadow copy etc. Name the version ?
Ans: windows vista

7. Windows was the main names in proprietary software world and free world called them so many “names”!. But they diverted into a open source thinking and announced a OPEN SOURCE LINUX BASED OS to handle networking hardwares .name it ?
Ans:ACS (acute cloud switch)

8. Very before the games \ internet games availability ,we satisfied with default inbuilt games in windows.solitre,mine sweeper,chess are some of them .in which version of windows mine sweeper was indroduced ?
Ans: windows 3.1

9.It was not just a kidding ,but a giant leaping .Ajay puri the little Indian CEO,and kid gates made a website in his 5th year.which is the site

10.”‘Upgrade your world”‘ &
“‘A more human way to do “‘
The above Statement s were the slogans of …….?
Ans: windows 10

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