Download Ernakulam District IT Quiz Questions and answers HSS 2017

WELCOME -Ernakulam District IT Quiz Questions 2017 and answers Q.1 IDENTIFY THE LOGO Ans: FeedBurner is a web feed management provider launched in  2004, Currently the subsidiary of Google Inc.   Q.2 He started his career at IIM Ahmedabad as chief systems Programmer. There he worked on India’s first time-sharing computer system and designed and implemented

[Download] TCS IT Wiz Hyderabad 2017 IT Quiz Prelims and Finals Questions and answers

TCS IT WIZ HYDERABAD 2017 IT QUIZ QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS  Questions and answers of TCS IT Wiz Hyderabad 2017 IT Quiz Prelims Thanks to Shantanu Dash for shaing questions with us *Actual questions may be different from the questions on this blog. This is a tweaked version of the actual questions. If you can edit/contribute more you’re most welcome.
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