100+ Latest Information Technology Quiz Questions and answers – IT Quiz 2017


IT Quiz 2017 Questions and answers by Somnath Chanda

Round 1 IT Quiz 2017 Google Doodles

  1. This doodle celebrated the works of which eccentric computer scientist , mathematician, logicianlogician, cryptanalyst and  and theoretical biologist theoretical??


Ans: Alan Turing


2.Which IT pioneer’s birth anniversary had been celebrated by this doodle?


Ans: Ada Lovelace


3.A proud occasion for every India. Which important discovery made by India has been given a tribute through this doodle, released on Nov 13, 2009?


Ans:Discovery of Water on Moon


4.Considered the’‘father’ of a particular genre of writing, this great writer’s novels contain hidden scientific data, descriptions of inventions  and, above all, a love of technological innovations. Who?


Ans:Jules Verne


5.Reunion(of sorts) of two made possible by the help of technology on on July 4, 2016.what is being celebrated?


Ans: Juno’s arrival at Jupiter


6. For which man-of-science this doodle was created?


Ans:Thomas Alva Edison


Round 2 IT Quiz 2017 – Mixed Bag


1. Kris Gopalakrishnan, co-founder and former CEO of  Infosys, has funded a digital app that chronicles the growth and history of India’s IT industry. What is it so aptly named?







Ans: Ithihasa


2.The X is a unit of measurement for the speed and movement direction of a computer mouse.The directional movement can be of two types -horizontal X count and  vertical X count. One X is approximately 1/2001th of an inch.  What is X??


3.If Magic Stick , Nerd Stick, Jump Stick, Chip Stick, Travel Stick and Geek Stick are not different variations of stick, then what they actually are?

Ans: Pen Drives or USB Drives


4.Fill in the blank in this list of domain extensions and their corresponding geographical regions

.af – Afghanistan

.tv – Tuvalu

.bd – Bangladesh

.in – India

.lk – Sri lanka

.qa – Qatar

.aq – ?????

Ans: Antartica


5.As per the legend, during the early 1980s Nintendo rented a  warehouse to use as their r American HQ. The company had gotten behind in a  a rent payment, which resulted in some,  heated exchanges between the office bearers and their landlord, Mr. Segale (vis). How did the employees of Nintendo later decide immortalise the foul-mouthed Mr. Segale?


Ans: True Face of Mario

6.20 year old Ukrainian Olexander Turin did something crazy which cost him around £1.60. To honour  his ‘loyalty’, he was given special prize which is valued at around £700.£700.What did he do?  What special special prize did he receive for that?

Ans: He changed his name to iPhone and got a free iPhone 7


7.Corning Inc. is an American manufacturer of glass, ceramics and related materials, primarily for industrial and scientific applications. Mostly known for Gorilla Glass it’s long history of innovation begins with a, pioneering project which accounted for half of Corning’s business in the initial years of 20th century.Which project was that?

Ans:Edison’s Bulb


8.This Greek sculpture from 100 BC, named from  ‘Grave‘Grave Naiskos of an Enthroned Woman with an Attendant’, is currently on display at the  J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu, California.Why the IT Historians are taking huge amount of  interest to this statue off late?


Ans: Was it a Laptop?



9.This is the logo-evolution of one of the leading movers and-shakers set up in the tech-world. Adopted in 2012, the, the latest logo  features a member of the rodent family and symbolically represents the three key propositions of the company  – Speed, Smartness and Security. Which company? Which animal features in the current logo?

Ans:UC Browser & Squirrel


10.In 2014, PrintZworldwide India eager to make a,  footprint in this part, undertook a unique project named 3Devi. The final product –. The final product — 8.5 inches by 14 inches was completed with the help of Mcor IRIS. Mixing technology with an ancient ethnic art form,  it created huge news.. WhatWhat was it all about?

Ans: First 3D Printed Durga Idol


Round 3 IT Quiz 2017  – Audio/Video

11.Identify this Padma Vibhushan and and Padma Shri awardee who has been listed among the ‘awardee  ‘12 Greatest Entrepreneurs of our time’ by Fortune magazine


Ans: NR Narayanamurthy


12. Based on the short story  ‘Super-Toys  Last All Summer Long’ by Brian Aldiss, this’ by Spielberg-movie grossed approximately $235 million.. Just name it.

AI – Artifitial Intelligence


13.Which technology is being applied here? Which character is being portrayed by Cumberbatch?


Ans: Motion Capture Technology & Smaug  (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug)


Round 4 IT Quiz 2017 – Mixed Bag

1.Few years back, William James Adams Jr. has been appointed as Intel’s new Director of Creative Innovation. He is also associated with\ CODE.org to promote computer programming among school students. He even makes smart watches by the name of  PULS. How do we better knowbetter know him?


Ans: Will.I.am


2.Name of this software which became the first web server software to serve more than 100 million websites, is, is said to be a pun on the fact that it has been developed as a series of patches . But in reality, the name was chosen out of respect to a particular  group of people  known for their  superior skills in warfare and strategy skills. Which software?

Ans: Apache


3.Well-known entrepreneur and physicist  Yuri Milner is collaborating with whom on Breakthrough Starshot, an, an ambitious project to develop  the technology necessary to send a spacecraft to Alpha spacecraft Centauri, the star system 4.37,  light years away from earth?

Ans:Stephen Hawking 


4.The parent company behind the the digital music-sharing  platform Flyte  gave away 100 albums from 10 genres free every day for a around week,  till Feb 28th 2013,, to celebrate the venture’s  first anniversary. But owing to piracy and other issues it had to be close down. Which company’s musical foray was Flyte Music?

Ans: Flipkart


5. Designed by Norman Foster, a noted British architect, the under-construction Apple Campus 2 HQ at in Cupertino, California is reportedly  inspired by  what regular feature of an Apple product?

Ans: Home Button of an iPhone



6.Which music, podcast and video streaming service, was originally started in 2006 by Swedish entrepreneur  Daniel EkDaniel Ek and technologist and technologist Martin Lorentzon which has  40 million paying subscribers as of September 2016?

Ans: Spotify


7.John Shepherd-Barron initially wanted it to be of of six digits  so as to make the combinations greater and more complicated . However,. However, his wife Caroline was of the opinion that 6 digits were too much to remember. He reduced the number down to 4 digits.. What has thus been standardised?

Ans:ATM Pin


8.The Trojan Room Coffee Pot was a coffee machine located next to the so-called Trojan Room, in the old, Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge. To save people from the disappointment of finding the coffee machine empty , some enterprising employees, decided to implement something Which technological invention owes it’s origin to this  simple story?

Ans: WebCam


9.The launch of Windows 95 was a grand affair. It took place on a 12-acre sports field at Microsoft’s Redmond Campus. The Empire State Building was even lit up with the Windows 95 logo. In certain European countries,the journalists were taken in a submarine  to enjoy the live telecast of the show. Why a submarine has been chosen instead of other normal  venues?

Ans: Bill Gates wanted them to experience  “a world without Windows


10.1957, two US physicists – William Guier and George Weiffenbach, at Johns Hopkins’s Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), were assigned the task of, monitoring Russian satellite Sputnik’s movements along its orbit. The success of that project encouraged their boss to ask them to investigate the reverse scenario . This led them APL to develop  the TRANSIT system.. TRANSIT is said to be  the precursor of which of which modern-day hi-tech innovation?

Ans:Global Positioning System


11.Headquartered in Shenzhen, DJIDJI – a tech-giant with all it’sit’s higly sophisticated product ranges is a pretty sought after name. The products are branded  Phantom,, Inspire, Osmo and Ronin. What is the speciality of this company?

Ans: It manufactures commercial and recreational drones for aerial photography.


12. AfterRohit Sharma created history by scoring the highest score  by any individual in an ODI (by any individual in an ODI (264 vs Sri Lanka at the Eden Gardens), Ravindra Jadeja congratulated him through his tweet. Whose name has been edited out?


Ans:Lord Ram

Round 5 of IT Quiz 2017 – Buzzer Round


1.Who is the most well-known friend of Angela,Hank, Ginger, Pierre andand Ben?

Ans: Talking Tom


2.This popular food-item is usually made with  sugar  or honey, roasted nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios,hazelnuts  macadamia,whipped egg whites, andhazelnuts ),  and sometimes chopped candied fruit. Colloquially meaning. Colloquially meaning ‘‘nutted’ or ‘’ or ‘nutty’, this item’s social status has been’,  elevated in thein the year 2016.. Explain

Ans: Android 7.0-7.1 version is named after Nougat


3.As per the survey 2015 by TIME, Makati City, Philippines, ended up on Philippines, on top of the list aftert  being officially crowned as the ‘____ Capital of the World’.,Strangely,Russia has seen a spurt of deaths  because  of ____ and accordingly an official crackdown  is implemented. Just, fill in the blank

Ans: Selfie


4.Given by the Association of Computer Machinery since 1966, Frances E. Allen of IBM is the  first female recipient of which prestigious award  in 2006?

Ans:Turing Award


5. In the logo of which Tech Giant would you find this map?


Ans: Texas Instruments


6. Connect these


Ans: Oppo



7.Sammy Griner’s moment of glory happened when he was about to eat a fistful of sand. It was later used by the the White House to promote immigration reform. In. In 2015, it also helped to collect money for the Sammy’s father’s kidney transplant.. What is being talked about?


Ans:Success Kid Meme



Credits for this IT Quiz 2017  : Somnath Chanda


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