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Latest IT Quiz Questions

Information Technology Quiz 2016 1. Whitetail  is the codename for? Ans:iOS 10.0 2.Put Funda? Ans: NFC- enabled bracelet for conactless payment in Rio Olympics 2016 3. This is  Scan’O’Vision Myria camera,whats special on this? This was used in Rio Olympics 2016 As golf returns to the Olympics after more than a century, Swiss watchmaker Omega has set up… Read More »

IT Quiz 142

1.Who introduced this app ? Ans:ISIS 2.Which company’s debut game was ? The company was acquired by Tencent recently Ans:Supercell 3.The company was formed in 2010 by Keyhole, Inc. founder John Hanke as X an internal startup within Google, before it was spun out of Google as an independent entity in October 2015.The company… Read More »