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Cyborg Quiz ,More Information as Questions and Answers About Cyborgs And Cyborg Activism , Made By Nandulal Krishna

Cyborg Quiz ,New Set of  Information  as Questions And Answers   About Cyborgs and Cyborg Activists , Made By Nandulal Krishna , Wayanad, Kerala,India (Click Hyperlinked Words for More Information ) Cyborg Quiz Questions and answers 1. “HET” is Defined as any attempt to temporarily or permanently overcome the current limitations of the human body

Trivandrum District IT Quiz Questions and answers 2016

Trvandrum District IT Quiz Questions and answers 2016 1.Malicious computer worm by Israel, targets programmable logic gates.It is a spyware.Identify Ans:- Stuxnet 2#Connect:- v for vendetta, robin hood,freedom fighters,ISIS. Ans.: Anonymous. 3# X was formed in 2004 to fight the cyber attacks against the governments in India.In 2013 X splitted and Y was formed.Y manages